The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2543

Everyone smiled.

After a long time, Levi Garrison pulled out his name and engraved it on the back.

Who would believe it?

“Can Levi Garrison make up a lie that looks more like it? Also engraved on the back?”

Everyone laughed.

“Is my name engraved on the back? Go and see for yourself, don’t you know?”

Levi Garrison sneered.

Everyone was stunned for a moment.


Did Levi Garrison lie?

Now just go to the back and take a look.

This is enough to prove everything.

But with so many people in the audience, no one was willing to take a look at the back.

What a sacred existence is that?

According to the construction of this stele, the back is completely on the side of the mountain cliff.

If you want to see it, you have to step on the stone monument.

That is equivalent to stepping on the head of the Dark God, Daxia Yizhi Grandmaster, and the new master of the ancient Garrison clan.

To see…

Who would dare to be there?

Or who dares in the whole world?

To step on the top of the stone tablet is tantamount to challenging the dark god and the powerhouses of the entire god list.

Just to prove whether Levi Garrison’s name is engraved on the back.

Who dares to do this?

Is it worth it?

And everyone knows that Levi Garrison’s name is definitely not on the back.

Why should I lose my life for something illusory?

“Levi Garrison, you are so insidious, knowing that we can’t step on the stone tablet, deliberately saying that there is your name behind!” “Levi Garrison must kneel down, no one believes you!”

Naturally, no one would believe it, but Levi Garrison was forced to kneel down forcibly.

Even Zoey and the others felt that Levi Garrison was a bit unreasonable.


How can it be?

It’s absolutely impossible!

“If it doesn’t work, you just apologize? After all, you angered the crowd!”

Zoey said.

Hundreds of thousands of people forced Levi Garrison to kneel and apologize.

It’s a moment of jeopardy.

Levi Garrison was happy, “Don’t believe me? I will pull out the stone tablet and show you the back!” As

soon as Levi Garrison’s words came out, everyone took a cold breath.

Also pull out the stele!

This is disrespectful!

“Levi Garrison, are you

looking for death?” Everyone was angry.

At this time, powerful auras swept across the audience like they covered the sky and the sun.

The strong on the true god list is here.

Many of them have never been seen before.

It can be seen that the redefinition of the god list this time has attracted all this group of hidden guys.

They directly stepped onto the ninety-nine steps and came to the Conferred God Platform.


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