The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 2544

They looked at the names on the stele in front of them.

This has also caused an impact on them!

This is the ranking of the steles on the top of the world, representing the strongest on the planet.

Who doesn’t want to engrave his name on the top?

Everyone can see most of the names on the stele.

Only the upper part of the stele can not be seen under the clouds.

These strong people in the god list jumped up to see the rankings above.

Write down the names of the former powers one by one.

Especially the top ten and top three.

But even if some of the strong are super strong, they dare not take any further step to provoke the dark god and step on the stone monument.

As for the back, who would dare to look at it?

“Levi Garrison saw it? No one of so many powerful men dared to look at the backside! Would you let us see? Crazy?”

Someone said.

At first, everyone thought that the strongest of the gods would not come?

As a result, hundreds of strong men of the gods came.

It shows the attraction of the Conferred God Platform…As

soon as they come, everyone’s attention is on these people.

No one paid attention to Levi Garrison anymore.

Everyone is working hard to remember the appearance of these strong gods in order to prevent offense in the future.

“Let’s go, it is not suitable to stay here for long!”

Levi Garrison and his party left.

Everyone was silent along the way.

Levi Garrison knew that they were all inspired.

Everyone wants to engrave their names on the steps, but Zoey and his ilk don’t want their names to be stepped on.

They hope to appear on the stele.

But what Levi Garrison is thinking about is what kind of existence is the dark web?

Isn’t it too magical?

Know the information about yourself and the laboratory of the gods?

Such a character Levi Garrison can only think of one person at present-his own cheap master.

If the dark web was established by Master, how good would it be?

Regardless of whether the dark web is neutral or what it is, Levi Garrison must find out.

Otherwise, the existence of the dark web is like a knife you know, there is no danger for the time being.

But I don’t know when, this knife may rest on your neck, or even pierce your heart with a single knife.

“Is it shocked? I want to stand at the highest point! This is my goal!”

Zoey said in a low voice.

But who can feel the flame burning in her heart.

The same goes for everyone else.

Azure Dragon (Qinglong) sighed.

He was also motivated.

But he promised Levi Garrison that he could only practice his basic exercises.

In this way, let alone the stone stele of the gods, he has completely lost fate with the quasi gods of the stairs.

The emergence of the new god list has brought a huge shock to the world, and things are happening everywhere.

Two figures appeared in the capital this night.

One is a middle-aged man with a plain appearance, but he is on the list of new gods.

In front of him, there was a man in a suit and leather shoes, which formed a strong contrast.

Mr. X of the Gods Lab! He appeared…


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