The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3027

It is impossible for others to clear it directly, but is it really possible for Levilia to run the exercises on his own?

Even Levilia showed joy.

I thought it was really useful!


Levilia stepped up his efforts to absorb more spiritual energy into his body.

Even want to get rid of toxins.


But suddenly something happened…Levilia opened his mouth and spurted blood, and the whole person fell instantly.


Levi Garrison was dumbfounded.

He was anxious.

Yelled frantically.

The poison is attacking at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The toxins on Levilia’s face were directly revealed, and all kinds of toxins spread all over his body like tree roots.

This poison is like a living thing, it wants to completely occupy Levilia’s body, this trend is like a poisonous tree.

“Cough cough cough…”

Levilia kept coughing up blood.

In the end, Levilia passed out directly.

This is more violent than what happened just now!

Levi Garrison immediately hugged Levilia, put his hand on her, and immediately transported the airflow into Levilia’s body to suppress the onset of toxins.

Sure enough, the poison was even worse this time!

Levilia uses the exercises and uses the spiritual energy, but once he wants to get rid of the toxins, the poison is directly stimulated and it bursts out.

After all, they are integrated with Levilia.

According to Doctor Dark, this poison is very cunning, so it is absolutely impossible for Levilia to remove them.

After all, the current body also belongs to them.

Levilia wants to expel them forcibly, it will only damage his body.

It will also stimulate the onset of toxins…

As a result, Levilia had a serious attack this time.

Constantly coughing up blood…

The blood is red!

This is the most terrible!

If the blood is black, or other colors are fine.

After all, the toxins were brought out.

But now the blood that Levilia vomits is very red.

That is the essence of her life, the foundation of her body!

Every time he spit out, he was losing his vitality.

Levi Garrison can clearly feel the passing of Levilia’s vitality…

Levi Garrison was in a hurry, and quickly suppressed the onset of the toxin.

That is, Levi Garrison is too domineering.

Otherwise, how could Levilia survive the second attack of the strongest poison.

This time.

Even Levi Garrison felt strenuous.

Sure enough, there were some things that couldn’t be solved by pure power.

Now he can only suppress the toxin attack.

Infuse Levilia’s body with powerful aura currents to fight against the poison that suppresses Levilia’s body.

That’s it.

This time, it was obviously a lot harder than before.

Levi Garrison took a deep breath.

It seems that I can’t just try it casually.

This hurt Levilia too much.

Now we can only wait to find a real solution.

In the unlikely event that he tries something that makes Levilia in danger and he can’t control it, it will be too late to regret it.

Although temporarily suppressed.

But Levi Garrison actually saw a dozen white hairs appearing on Levilia’s head.

How old is Levilia.

There are signs of aging…

too frightening.

If Zoey Lopez saw it, he would cry to death, right?

This poison has started to consume the vitality of Levilia unexpectedly.


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