The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3030

Everyone asked in unison.

The god commander Tiance suddenly sighed: “If the Sword Demon Division or the Heavenly Master Mansion really exists, there may be a way, but these two types of existence are only in the legend…”

But Tiance Shenshuai understands.

These two types of existence are only in legends.

Won’t exist!

The others immediately said excitedly: “That’s right! The Demon Division and the Heavenly Master Mansion exist! They killed the god North Daoichiro of the East Island! Now the whole world is arrogant! Daxia’s Demon Division He Tianshi Mansion just exists!”

“You can immediately find the seniors of the Town Demon Division and the Heavenly Master’s Mansion!”

“Yes, look for it right away!”

The Town Demon Division and the Heavenly Master’s Mansion came forward, and everyone seemed to find hope.

Immediately urged everyone to look for it.

But Levi Garrison looked calm, because he knew Bei Dao Ichiro had killed it himself.

Where are the Town Devil Division and Tianshi Mansion from?

This is the legend!

So Levi Garrison was not excited at all.

There is no hope for this.

Because the Sword Demon Division and the Heavenly Master’s Mansion do not exist.

What’s the use of this illusory thing?

There is no hope at all.

“Can’t find them! They still don’t exist! It should be someone else who solved Kitajima Ichiro…”

Tiance Shenshuai took a deep look at Levi Garrison.

But now he dare not ask.

The atmosphere is too gloomy.

“We have no way to get rid of this poison! By the way, do you want to try the gods of other countries? They are as powerful as gods, and these poisons shouldn’t be too difficult for them?”

Someone suggested.

Now everyone doesn’t understand it.

I really thought it was a god.

Can solve everything, this kind of poison is not a problem.

But after Levi Garrison heard it, he was almost mad.

He can’t do it.

What use are those gods?

“What is a god?”

They didn’t even know Doctor Dark, and immediately asked.

After knowing the powerful gods.

Some people think it’s okay.

All gods.

That must be the god in everyone’s imagination.

Didn’t this poison solution come at your fingertips?

Doctor Dark just thought it was okay, but seeing Levi Garrison’s reaction, he didn’t speak.

He faintly felt that Levi Garrison was much stronger than any god.

Not long ago, he had felt the power of Levi Garrison.

That is even the whole world can be sucked up.

The gods are just bragging about these people.

No one knows the true strength.

When everyone was thinking about asking the gods of that country, Levi Garrison’s voice suddenly sounded: “It’s not useful to find gods! They have this ability!”

Levi Garrison said so.

Doctor Dark is sure.

Gods can’t do it!

“Mr. Ye, should we go to War Eagle Country to try our luck?”

The Dark Doctor reminded.Now the most promising Daxia can’t do it, so looking at the whole world, there may really be only the Warhawk Nation left.

Levi Garrison immediately agreed: “Okay, let’s try it!”

Levi Garrison is not nonsense.

Directly hold Levilia and Doctor Dark and go directly to the War Eagle Nation.

Others are a little confused.

Why doesn’t Levi Garrison believe in the existence of Daxia Town Demon Division and Tianshi Mansion?

Everyone now says that these two types of existence are not legends, but real existences.

It even got rid of Kitajima Ichiro.

Secondly, why don’t you believe in gods?


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