The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3031

That is a god-like existence.

Beyond the ordinary.

No matter how strong the poison is, it is also human.

How the gods can’t figure it out.

Most people don’t understand.

Obviously hope a lot.

Why is Levi Garrison so determined?

Don’t go to the Town Demon Division and Heavenly Master’s Mansion directly!

It’s not enough to deny the gods directly…

Now he went to the war eagle country to try his luck?

In today’s environment, War Eagle Nation and Daxia are both at the bottom.

It’s ridiculous to go to the war eagle country to try your luck without looking for a god.

Especially seeing Levi Garrison holding Levilia so anxiously to leave.

Everyone didn’t understand it more and more.

“I can’t figure it out. Levi Garrison, logically, cares about his daughter’s life and death! But it doesn’t feel like he cares! It seems that his daughter doesn’t care about life or death!”

Everyone has such doubts.

In their understanding, Levi Garrison should immediately call for help from the gods or find the Sword Demon Division and the Heavenly Master’s Mansion.

But he went to War Eagle Nation…

Say he doesn’t love his daughter, right?

More anxious than anyone!

“Who said that gods can’t do it? He has personally contacted gods? Know what gods are like?”

Someone scolded.

Levilia’s masters are also anxious.

“Regardless of whether the gods will work in the end, we all have to give it a try!”

“Yes, let’s ask the gods to detoxify Levilia!”

“Yes, Levi Garrison will not ask the gods! Let’s ask for it personally!”

Several ancestors are in a hurry.

They are going to ask the gods to detoxify Levilia.

“Yes, it is definitely the best way to find a god! I heard that gods contain divine powers, and they can do everything! They can destroy the world and nourish all things. Detoxification shouldn’t be a problem!”

The others are very supportive.

“Now that Daxia is declining, finding a god may not help! So this road is still difficult! But we have to try!”

“It is estimated that even if we find the help of gods, we will have to pay a very heavy price!”

Several ancestors said.

“In addition, I trouble you to find the traces of the Jinmaji and Tianshifu! The fall of the god Kitajima Ichiro must have something to do with them!”

They also urged others to find the Sword Demon Division and the Heavenly Master’s Mansion.

“Well, let’s try them all too!”

Others also acted.

Even the heads of Tiance and the leaders of Yanlongwei began to inquire about various materials and ancient books.

Come and try your luck.

Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark are very fast.

Soon after he arrived in the war eagle country.

“Hurry up and find Agent Black Hawk!”

Levi Garrison became anxious.

It just so happened that Levi Garrison came across a group of people who came back from God’s Brain.

“Mr. Ye, are you really alive???”

Everyone was excited.

Especially the brain of God came up.

“No time to explain! Hurry up and find Agent Black Hawk!”

Levi Garrison immediately said.

The Dark Doctor also said: “By the way, this kid has a lot of information stored in his mind! Let him find some strange people and strangers!”

Levi Garrison hurriedly told the brain of God.

The brain of God quickly began to search.

After a while, Agent Black Hawk also came.

Too late to surprise him.

Levi Garrison told him the matter.

“If Doctor Darkness doesn’t work, there is little hope! But I will ask the experts of the Sky Shield to see if there are any strangers in this area!”

Agent Black Hawk took a deep look at Doctor Dark.


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