The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3032

The meaning is very simple.

If the existence of Doctor Darkness is so powerful, it is impossible.

Other people are even worse.

But Agent Black Hawk continued to do it.

not much hope.

But it means there is still hope.

After the Black Hawk agents contacted the Sky Shield, they even contacted Smith, the head of the bureau, and Nelson.

See if they have any solutions.

After all, there are people behind them.

It’s just that Agent Black Hawk didn’t know.

“Would you like to invite some new gods to try?”

Agent Black Hawk suggested.

Levi Garrison refused directly.

If it was someone else’s doorway, Levi Garrison could really come and try.

But Levi Garrison knew the origin of these gods better than them.

Their mutation is derived from the aura filtered by Levi Garrison’s body.

Levi Garrison couldn’t do it.

What can they do.

Agent Black Hawk was a bit strange.

Gods can’t work?

Why is Levi Garrison so sure?

But he didn’t go into it.

It is also more troublesome to invite a god now.

And for the time being, the Eagle Nation decided not to deal with the gods.

It is still out of reach for the time being.

He can only follow Levi Garrison’s meaning.

The brain of God itself is equivalent to the super brain of human flesh.

He began to screen.

But it is extremely difficult.

Because the person needed is at least the level of the Dark Doctor (single-finger medical skills).

So it’s very difficult.

It may be filtered to the end.

There is no suitable candidate!

The research experts at the Tiandeng Bureau began to use various equipment to examine Levilia’s specific situation.

Levi Garrison stayed beside Levilia just in case.

The instrument aspect.

Sure enough, the Sky Shield Bureau was a bit more powerful.

After all, the things they have been researching are advanced.

Such as dissecting some unknown creatures.

They have experience and various advanced instruments in this regard.

Heard how powerful this poison is.

The head of the game Smith and senior Nelson also sent some top experts and detox masters to participate.

It even brought advanced equipment that Tianshield had never possessed.

Just by looking at it, you can notice that the materials, structures, etc. of these instruments are different from what you have seen.

Obviously this kind of high technology is only known to the top.

Black Hawk agents of this level have never been able to contact.

But at this critical time, where does everyone care about other things.

Levi Garrison didn’t have any thoughts about this.

The whole heart is on Levilia.

Shortly after.

Seven people selected by the brain of God were also found one by one.

Agent Black Hawk was very helpful, and took them one by one.

Even Doctor Dark is also involved.


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