The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3033

Almost hundreds of top experts use the most advanced equipment to analyze and treat Levilia.

It is estimated that the poison in Levilia is special, so that so many powerful characters can be gathered at once.

Levi Garrison saw a glimmer of hope.

Maybe it can!

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Five hours.

Ten hours.

In the end, fifty-seven hours passed…

Everyone finally negotiated a result.

Levi Garrison woke up immediately.

This time.

He is also thinking of a way.

See how to use your powerful strength to remove the poison from Levilia.

Even if it is transferred to yourself.

Let Levilia survive.

Take it for yourself.

It seems that if he is poisoned,

Just as he was fascinated by what he wanted, the Black Hawk agent on the side reminded him that there was a result.

Levi Garrison woke up for a while, and immediately leaned forward.

Hundreds of top experts are already out of breath.

After all, they are highly concentrated.

Many people have excitement on their faces.

But Doctor Dark had a gloomy face.

“At present, this one method is feasible! It depends on whether you want it or not?”

The eyes of a group of experts all fell on Levi Garrison, all staring at him.

Levi Garrison was anxious, so he asked hurriedly, “What…what way?”

Many experts have joy on their faces.

“We really found a way!”

The reason for their excitement is that they have indeed found a cure.

Doctor Dark sighed.

Obviously not very satisfied with this method.

Levi Garrison captured everyone’s expressions.

Seeing the look of Doctor Dark, his heart shook.

Realize that it’s not good.

“The method is actually very simple-let this child coexist perfectly with the toxin on her body!”

Said one of the experts who studied ancient poisons.

“What? Coexistence? What do you mean?”

Levi Garrison didn’t quite understand.

Isn’t Levilia coexisting with this poison now?

How can we still coexist.

“It’s me!” The Dark Doctor stood up and said to Levi Garrison: “The way they discussed and discussed is to coexist, and coexistence means that toxins can completely occupy Levilia’s body and turn Levilia into a real one. Poison!”

The meaning of Doctor Dark Levi Garrison understood.

This is what Levilia is going through now.

Levilia will eventually become poison himself.


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