The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3034

What he can do now is to slow down…

“Isn’t this completely occupied? How could it be coexistence?”

Levi Garrison didn’t understand this.

“Coexistence means that Levilia’s consciousness remains, but his body becomes poison, and Levilia cannot control his body.”

Doctor Dark continued to explain.

Levi Garrison gradually understood.

He hurriedly said: “It means that Levilia will completely become poison, but her consciousness will remain!

But you can’t control your body, so you can’t use your mouth, eyes, and nose. We can only sense the existence of her consciousness through special instruments? “


Levi Garrison had already staggered.

Doctor Dark nodded: “That’s true! In fact, this method is the same whether or not to retain her body! Because the method adopted is to retain her consciousness, which can be separated out. It does not have to be kept in the body. !”

What Doctor Dark said was actually very straightforward.

Levilia’s body will become poison, even the brain will become part of the poison.

Only the vague things like consciousness can be separated.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a body or not.

However, considering Levi Garrison’s eagerness, he kept his body.

The body is completely catalyzed into poison, a coexistence method where consciousness is preserved.

At least Levilia is still conscious, there is no death.

It’s almost like a vegetative.

Even stronger.

With powerful instruments, Levi Garrison can sense Levilia’s consciousness through instruments, and even communicate.

And to ensure the integrity of the body, not enough to rot.

In fact, this is a method.

Otherwise, Levilia’s end will be a dead end.

At that time, even a little consciousness will be destroyed.

Now these experts can at least retain consciousness.

But think about it again.

Hundreds of experts are helpless with this poison.

This kind of coexistence of consciousness retention is actually a compromise with poison.

There is no way out.


But this approach, Levi Garrison wanted to refuse.

How could he make his daughter become such a ghost?

Just residual consciousness!

This is absolutely impossible!

This is not a solution at all!

“I can’t use this method! I want to keep my daughter’s body and consciousness alive!”

Levi Garrison bowed to the crowd and said, “But thank you all! I, Levi Garrison, owe you a favor! If you need a word, I will help!”

“It doesn’t matter! Let’s study it again, and you will find other ways by yourself!”

Everyone didn’t worry about Levi Garrison’s promise.


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