The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3035

It’s not the promise of the “gods” of the world.

What is the use?

Everyone takes it seriously.

Levi Garrison could only continue to look for it.

Somewhere in the war eagle country.

The head of the game Smith and senior Nelson gathered together.

“The poison in Levi Garrison’s daughter is unheard of! Just now the divine envoy sent a message saying that they are interested in this poison! Let’s send the sample over!”

Nelson said.

The head of the game, Smith, nodded repeatedly: “Okay, I’ll post the sample soon!”

Smith smiled: “Levi Garrison’s daughter’s luck is really good! Even they are interested! Maybe this poison can really be solved.”

Obviously, these two are talking about the forces behind the War Eagle Nation.

Now I am interested in the poison in Levilia.

But Levi Garrison didn’t know all of this.


He gathered with the Dark Doctor and God’s Brain.

Levi Garrison continues to refine the previous ideas.

If you are poisoned…

Levi Garrison asked Dr. Dark, “What if I got this kind of poison myself?”

The Dark Doctor checked Levi Garrison’s body and swallowed fiercely: “With your strength, this poison really seems unable to do anything to you… It can’t even invade your body! Your body is full of steel and iron. Bone, toxins cannot harm…”

This is definitely the most perfect body he has ever seen.

There is no one.

How could a pure human body be so strong?

And he knew this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Levi Garrison was like a round of sun before his eyes, making him unable to look directly.

you could put it that way.

This poison can hurt everyone.

It really doesn’t necessarily hurt Levi Garrison.

too strong!

After hearing this, Levi Garrison said: “So I have an idea-let Levilia become stronger by himself, and try to see if this poison will be removed.

Because I asked Levilia to use the exercise technique to absorb Reiki before. As long as I don’t take the initiative to remove the poison, it is safe to simply absorb Reiki.

That is to say, it is possible for you to become stronger and coexist with poison! “

Doctor Dark understood what Levi Garrison meant: “I understand what you mean—make Levilia strong to a certain level! There is no other way for the poison.”

“But… have you ever thought about it? In a short time, there is a problem with Levilia’s absorption of aura. But once it becomes stronger, it stimulates toxins? In other words, the aura absorbed by Levilia can not be used by himself, but becomes the nutrient of poison? “

Doctor Dark asked a series of questions.

Levi Garrison is speechless.

He didn’t know either.


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