The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3036

All tried!

I think it’s a little feasible, so I want to try it.

But Doctor Dark said so.

He was scared.

If there is a situation that stimulates Levilia again, he can’t control it.

It would be dangerous.

So I still can’t try.

There must be a sure way to try it.

“Then what should I do now? Have to keep looking?”

Doctor Dark asked.

“Let’s find it! After the great changes in the world’s environment this time, I think many strange people and strangers who have hidden deep enough have appeared one after another…”

Said the brain of God.

The Dark Doctor immediately echoed: “Yes, the power that specializes in ancient monks is also appearing on this kind of bones. Presumably there will be many powers appearing. We can look for it!”

“Okay, let’s find it! I can stabilize your situation for the time being!”

“By the way, that ancient power still has to find! I have to ask them one by one, what if there is a clue? Can’t give up any opportunities!”

After Levi Garrison planned to cure the monarch, he would find this ancient power and kill them one by one.

It now appears that this group of people may be useful.

Still catch it back first.

“Then God’s Brain, you start looking for the whereabouts of these guys, I will accompany Mr. Ye to continue to find a way!”

Doctor Dark ordered.


Doctor Dark accompanied Levi Garrison everywhere to look for it.

The first stop is the Lynx Kingdom near the War Eagle Kingdom.

But when the two arrived in the country of lynx, they were surrounded by others.

It seems that they have prepared well in advance.

The mountains and plains are full of strong men who have been radiated by aura.

Although there is no appearance of “God” level.

But Doctor Dark just glanced at it and felt horror.

Since Levilia’s accident, although he has understood the changes in the world today.

But these times, they are all in Daxia and War Eagle Nation.

There are only two places that escaped this day’s great opportunity.

Therefore, there has not been a strong person who has been radiated by aura.

This is the first time.

He saw it really.

He is quite confident of his own strength.

After all, before he and Levi Garrison fought, they could both carry it for a while.

When dealing with that ancient power earlier, he used special methods to improve his strength, and forced the ancient power to be helpless, and only then gave Levilia the poison.

But now he was dumbfounded when he saw the strong man who had been radiated by the spiritual energy.

His own strength is not worth mentioning at all.

too strong.

One by one aura burst!

He could barely be considered medium.


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