The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3038

en Doctor Dark’s blood was mobilized, and he was ready to fight.

In an instant, he can mobilize his strength to the point where he can fight against the strong on the scene.

Doctor Dark has studied so many races and unknown creatures, it is very easy for him to instantly improve combat effectiveness.

Unless it is Levi Garrison’s crushing strength, no one can limit the improvement of Doctor Dark’s strength.

Levi Garrison was already angry to the extreme: “Those who stand in my way, die!!!”

At the moment when it was about to die, several high-level officials in the Lynx country actually said: “Killing an ant, we are not interested at all. We are here to welcome the Dark Doctor!”

Everyone didn’t even look at Levi Garrison.

Let alone care about his threats.

This made Levi Garrison a little confused.

Didn’t come for yourself?

For the dark doctor?

Is the Doctor of Darkness still valuable?

I saw several senior executives directly passing by Levi Garrison.

The same is true for everyone else.

Everyone ignored Levi Garrison.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Doctor Dark.

I saw everyone saluting the Doctor Dark: “All the lynx country welcomes the black angel! The lynx country will receive the black angel with the highest courtesy!”

An executive next to him also added: “In Lynx Country, you can make any request! It’s any request!”

This time, not only Levi Garrison was dumbfounded.

Even Doctor Dark himself was dumbfounded.

Black angel?

what happened?

It turns out that after this resurrection of spiritual energy, all countries have had great opportunities and produced many gods.

Therefore, powerful forces such as the Zhanxiong Kingdom proposed to enshrine the creators of Reiki Rejuvenation-Doctor Dark and the Brain of God, and build various sculptures for them.

The two are even more known as light angels and black angels!

This angel is still different from the angel in the western definition.

It means the messenger sent from heaven to tear up the darkness and bring light to the world!

It’s exactly the same as the process of Reiki recovery!

The parties have promised to make them the guests of all major powers!

In this way, thank them for their outstanding contribution to the rejuvenation of Reiki!

It is true.

If they hadn’t pierced the super spiritual veins, where would there be such a thing as aura recovery?

They are the root of this world’s rebirth!

In fact, this resolution has just come out.

Except for the Daxia Alliance faction and the Galactic Guardian Alliance, all the other national forces that got the adventure in the aura recovery agreed.

The Dark Doctor and God’s Brain are the reproductive parents of the world.

They must be provided for.

Whoever wants to deal with them is an enemy of the whole world.

The Lynx country just got the message, the Dark Doctor is coming, and he will greet him immediately.

Or the power of the whole country, the highest etiquette!

“Black Angel, please forgive me! The gods of the Lynx country cannot personally greet you! After all, now the gods are the greatest secret of every country’s power!”


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