The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3040

Seven gods appeared on the bright surface.

But Doctor Dark himself understood that the Lynx country was still hiding in private.

Although the whole world regards him as a “black angel”, treat him with the highest courtesy.

But it’s still private.

But it is estimated that a few gods remained.

Probably the data can still be guessed.

The Dark Doctor didn’t talk nonsense.

Quickly let these seven gods examine the situation of Levilia’s poisoning.

Levi Garrison was still blocked outside, only Levilia was put in.

But Levi Garrison didn’t care, the encrypted wall in front of him couldn’t stop him.

For him, there is no difference from being transparent.

He still saw it clearly.

How could he hand over Levilia to others easily.

Only Levilia is in danger.

He would rush in and stop immediately.

The seven gods used the same methods as Levi Garrison’s words to examine with powerful auras.

That is, the divine power of the gods said by the people.

The supernatural power that can solve everything.

However, after examining Levilia’s situation in detail, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

This poison is too domineering.

Their aura cannot be removed at all.

Even if it is serious, they themselves will be infected with this poison.

If you get a little bit of it, they will also be scrapped.

There is no way to stop it.

“What? This poison doesn’t even work with the power of the gods?”

The Dark Doctor was surprised.

But everyone in Lynx Country became more and more surprised.

In their eyes, the gods are omnipotent gods.

Can be created, can be destroyed.

Not to mention detoxification.

Isn’t that easy?

Soon, one of the strongest gods said: “This poison is so strong that it is beyond our scope! I can say that, but if the gods use their powers, they cannot be solved. After all, no matter how the gods change, the essence is the same. Radiated by Reiki. Reiki does not work on it.”

Doctor Dark understood what he meant, and immediately asked, “That is to say, this poison god has no way to deal with it?”

“You can say that! But we also need to rule out some anti-existence, but it is almost impossible! You can only try your luck!”

After listening, Doctor Dark was lifeless.

Levi Garrison had a calm expression on his face.

He was just trying his luck.

Knowing it was impossible already.

And all the gods can’t do it.

As long as the “god” method is used, it is absolutely impossible.

Subsequently, strangers and strangers from the Bobcat country came one after another.

Start checking one by one.

But the result is the same-there is no way.


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