The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3041

Levi Garrison can only hug Levilia back.

If you want to be cured, you have to go to great powers.At first, didn’t everyone in the Lynx country think it was just a poison?

How awesome is it!

The gods can take it casually.

But now everyone finally knows how terrifying this poison is.

Even the gods are helpless.

Levi Garrison’s daughter could only wait to die.

“Mr. Ye, don’t worry, the Bobcat country will not work, there will be other places! We searched all over the world, and I won’t believe it!”

“And there is a reason you have to understand. According to a conclusion I have drawn from my research, everything in nature is in order, and substances are mutually reinforcing and restraining each other!

For example, when a poison appears, there must be an antidote to restrain it! Isn’t it just eighty-seven poisons? Can we find out 87 kinds of antidote to restraint? I’m already analyzing these 87 poisons, and finding the antidote is just around the corner!

During this period, you just need to stabilize your situation! “

Doctor Dark said excitedly.

Although he knew that Doctor Dark was comforting himself, he sounded his breath.

And the theory is right!

If there is a poison, there is an antidote.

Although that ancient force can only research poisons, but cannot develop poisons.

But hearing what Doctor Dark said, Levi Garrison believed that there must be a super power to detoxify!

Even if it can’t be solved once.

Regional detoxification is also possible.

A kind of poisonous solution!

Nothing is unachievable.

For her daughter, Levi Garrison can do anything.

What’s more, he is so powerful now!

There must be a way!

Levilia also nodded at Levi Garrison: “Dad, I believe you can do it!”

Subsequently, Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark left from the Lynx country.

Continue to “try your luck”!

Look for some holy medicine or strange people and so on!

Just left the lynx country.

Levi Garrison received a message from God’s brain.

He found out the whereabouts of the ancient forces that poisoned Levilia…

“What? They took refuge in the War Bear Country? And they were treated as guests?”

When Doctor Dark saw the message, he was shocked.

“That’s right! This ancient force has been studying ancient monks, even this kind of poison can be studied. There must be many secrets and skills! Even if the environment suddenly changes like this, no one will refuse! Even the war of the bear country!”

The Dark Doctor was relieved.

Levi Garrison looked indifferent.

The Dark Doctor continued: “This ancient force was directly canonized by the War Bear Nation as the Holy See! Has the qualifications of the gods to protect the country?”

“That is to say, whoever dares to move them is an enemy of Zhanxiong Country!”

Doctor Dark’s face changed drastically.

The tone also became serious: “In this case, as long as they don’t leave the War Bear Nation and always accept the asylum of the War Bear Nation, won’t we be unable to avenge?”

“Don’t worry, no matter who it is? No one can protect them in this world!”

Levi Garrison said lightly.

He might not dare to say this before.

Some people should also be feared.

But now he doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone at all.

Whoever dares to shelter them, Levi Garrison will kill them!


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