The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3047

In addition, his own strength is also top-notch, and he is optimistic about the whole country of Lulu.

He just killed the three mutant wild wolves, he was the most credited.

Cioza looked at the place where Levi Garrison and the others went deep.

There was a trace of jealousy on his face, and a trace of curiosity.

“Why don’t we follow up and have a look?”

Ceauza suggested.

“God son must not! There is a bobcat ahead, and the four kingdoms of Lulu are also listed as forbidden places. The danger inside is unknown! People who are not gods cannot enter…”

Someone immediately said.

Now the major forces of various countries have listed many places as restricted areas.

As long as there is no place to be explored by the gods, it is a forbidden zone in the forbidden zone.

It is absolutely inaccessible to other people.

The place where Ceauza and the others are now is the place that the gods have explored.

Although there are still many dangers, Cioza and the others can barely deal with it, and they won’t die as soon as they enter.

But the place where the three of Levi Garrison had just disappeared was the restricted area in the restricted area.

It is a place not explored by the gods, and there is an unknown danger.

And listed as a three-level forbidden area.

The third-level forbidden land means that there may be a god-level beast!

Julu Nation is determined not to let the star of hope like Ceauza go to such a three-level forbidden land.

If you die in distress, wouldn’t it be a loss.

So even if everyone knows that there are many opportunities in the third-level forbidden area, no one dares to go.

Ceauza also knew the dangers of the third-level forbidden area.

But now he has an idea.

They entered because of Levi Garrison.

If there is any risk, they must have assumed it in the first place.

They only need to act by ear, and if things are not right, get out immediately.

This is to take Levi Garrison and the others to test taking and even avoiding risks.

Levi Garrison and the others went deep, and there was no danger, and a group of Cioza chased them to pick up the ready-made ones.

If there is a danger, they leave immediately, and then Levi Garrison and the three will stand in the danger for them.

After Ceauza told everyone about this idea, everyone was tempted.

If it’s just oneself and a group of people going deep, definitely not.

But now there is cannon fodder in front, you can give it a try.

“Then let’s try it!”

“Remember, there will be danger when the time comes! Everyone protects the son of God and leaves first, do you know?”

Several older people exhorted.

The others nodded.

The life of the Son of God is more important than anyone else.

After all, in everyone’s eyes, gods are true gods.

Their offspring are different from ordinary people.

It must be guarded.

“Well, let’s follow right away!”

Cioza’s group followed up with their heels.

After going deep into the third-level forbidden ground, Ceauza and his party became vigilant.

After all, this is a three-level forbidden area, everyone should be afraid.

“Quiet? Too quiet? Why can’t you see a beast?”

Everyone was surprised.

There were no beasts in the area where they were active in front, because they were all killed, or they all ran away.

But the situation is different now.

This place is so weird.The person on the side said: “Two situations!”

“First, there are fierce beasts that are comparable to human gods in the third-level forbidden area. Other weaker beasts cannot have room for survival, and they all ran away.”

“Second, that is that there are no powerful beasts and dangers in this place! The assessment of this place by the major countries is wrong, this is not a forbidden area! It will not be a third-level forbidden area!”

“Yes, that’s probably the case! Let’s try it now and we’ll know!”

Everyone nodded.

Ceauza nodded: “It’s also normal! After all, the unknown doesn’t necessarily exist! Let’s be careful! Of course it’s the best thing!”

Everyone proceeded cautiously, ready to evacuate at any time.

But along the way.

They really didn’t encounter any danger.

Quiet is really quiet.

The fierce beast comparable to the gods really does not exist.

Not only there are no fierce beasts of this level, but there are also no other beasts.

Everyone also gradually relaxed.

Follow the map to see.

They have almost finished stepping on the three-level forbidden ground.

There are also no powerful beasts and unknown dangers.

Then this place is evaluated incorrectly.

It’s not dangerous at all.

“It seems that we are betting right! This place is evaluated incorrectly! Next, we will carefully look for the treasures of heaven, material and earth!”

“Go back and let my father know that these three-level forbidden grounds are attacked by us, and he will definitely be proud of us!”

Ceauza laughed.

Others are also full of excitement.

Going back and bragging about it, they are free to come and go in the third-level forbidden area, what glory is that?

It would be even more powerful if one could unearth any natural treasures in this place.

Become the existence that thousands of people admire!

Everyone is looking forward to the situation ahead.

But how do they know the reason why this place is so quiet.

That’s all Levi Garrison!

Levi Garrison walked all the way, the aura on his body could not converge.

In particular, the residual breath of the python that had killed and killed the adult dragon was still there.

People may not be aware of this breath.

But those fierce beasts are extremely sensitive to this.

When Levi Garrison appeared, all the beasts also smelled the breath.

Knowing as their natural enemy is coming.

One by one either ran away or hid.

And this place is listed as a third-level forbidden land because there may be beasts comparable to the gods.

They really predicted it right.

There is indeed a god-level beast in this place!

However, after knowing that Levi Garrison was here, he hurriedly hid in the old lair.

She was trembling now, praying not to be caught by Levi Garrison.

Of course, when Levi Garrison came, he found it.

It’s just that this guy didn’t come to trouble himself.

Levi Garrison didn’t bother to kill it either!

Not necessary.

There is no difference between killing it and cutting down a tree for Levi Garrison.

Why bother?

It’s just that they don’t know the reason.

I really thought this place was safe, there were no fierce beasts, and even god-level fierce beasts.

They proceeded with confidence.

A group of Ceauza followed closely in the footsteps of Levi Garrison’s trio.

They are also about to come to the cliff.


Facing the golden plant on the cliff.

The Dark Doctor has shown joy.

The medicine is so powerful, it might be helpful to Levilia.

And he was basically certain that the plant was useful.

It shouldn’t be a problem to suppress a toxin in Levilia’s body.

Levi Garrison was also watching.


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