The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3052

At this moment, all are active.

It’s just that there is no movement.

But their every move was caught by Levi Garrison.

Levi Garrison deliberately exposed his breath to let the group of fierce beasts perceive it.

He has completely left this area.

They can move with confidence.

Feeling that Levi Garrison’s breath has been far away.

All the fierce beasts and other unknown creatures have all begun to move.

Especially for those who come to their turf to stray wildly, they will never be merciless.

They are just afraid of Levi Garrison, not others.

Looking for treasures of heaven and earth on their territory is an act of looking for death.

Before the cliff.

Ceauza and the others were waiting anxiously.

“Why haven’t the gods come yet? If they don’t come, the three will run away! Can’t catch up!”

Others are anxious.

At first, Ceauza was not in a hurry.

But now he is also very anxious.

In case it really escaped.

That’s not easy to find…

I can only pray for my father to come early.


At this time, accompanied by huge movements, a tall body descended from the sky, like a god.

The god Vanamaker is here.

Subsequently, a large number of strong men followed.

They are all loyal followers of Wanamaker.


Ceauza shouted immediately.

Everyone else crawled on the ground, shouting: “God!!!”

Vannamek ignored them, but looked around…

Then he faintly said: “It seems that the assessment is really wrong. This place really cannot be called a third-level forbidden area! There really is not even a beast comparable to the gods! The remaining group of beasts is too weak. You can deal with it yourself!”

Because of this time.

Although the group of fierce beasts had recovered, they were still cautious at this time, and there was no movement.

Vanamaker, the god may feel some of the weaker beasts.

Nothing else can be felt.

Especially the fierce beasts comparable to the gods.

They happened to be afraid of Levi Garrison too, and didn’t exude a trace of breath.

In this way, Vannamek still couldn’t notice it.

After observing here after.

Vannamek turned his gaze to Ceauza and others: “Can’t even deal with three people? A bunch of trash!”

“Father, I admit that it is indeed not their opponent! But they don’t put gods in their eyes! They don’t even put you in their eyes!”

Cioza said.


Hear here.

Vanamaker’s face changed drastically: “What? Doesn’t the gods pay attention?”

“That’s wrong! After I mentioned you, he played more fiercely! He did it all!”

Cioza pointed to the wound on his face.

Others also pointed to their wounds.

“court death!”

“What about people?”

Wanamaker was angry.

He is a god recognized by the country of Julu, and even the whole world!

Who doesn’t admire?

Is there anyone else to provoke?

Even hit his son, isn’t this looking for death?

“They fled in this direction!”

Ceauza pointed to the southwest.

“I will chase them! No one can escape!”

Hear the words.

Cioza laughed at them.

Now Levi Garrison and the others couldn’t escape.

Are going to die.


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