The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3054

Hundreds of people were dumbfounded by Ceauza.

The followers of the gods were also dumbfounded.

The most important thing is that the god Vanamaker is also completely dumbfounded.

Two fierce beasts of the god level? ? ?

Who said that the assessment of these three levels of forbidden ground was wrong?

Who said that there are not only god-level fierce beasts in this place, but also other fierce beasts?

Who said it?

So what are these now?

Not to mention the thousands of mutant beasts, there are actually two of the god-level beasts! ! !

Vannamek turned slowly and looked at his son Cioza and others.

This is the false message from them!

Now this situation is caused!

Cioza was anxious: “No…we came to this place, we really haven’t encountered any fierce beasts!”

Others are also arguing.

They really haven’t met a fierce beast.

Who is going to make sense?

Not only are there, there are more.

Even two gods.

“No…No, isn’t it…”

Suddenly Ceauza realized something, what Levi Garrison said came into his mind——

The beast was just scared by me and didn’t dare to come out, and there was more than one, but two.

The one in front might be bragging, but the two god-level fierce beasts now looked like Levi Garrison knew that they were two.

And Ceauza thought about it carefully, Levi Garrison was much stronger than they thought.

With pure power, draw them at will.

Also slapped their spiritual energy away.

Ceauza thought that if Levi Garrison weren’t worried about the little girl on his back, he might be going to kill him.

Therefore, he roughly determined that Levi Garrison was super powerful, even stronger than the god of his father.

Whether he is lingering or not, it is true.

When he was there, all the beasts came out.

As soon as he left, all the fierce beasts came out, and they were still two gods.

He was right.

No matter how he doesn’t believe it, the general truth is true.

“I see……”

Ceauza understood everything.

Just about to speak out, another god-level beast appeared.

It lies in the sky and obscures the sky.

Everyone’s eyes are dark.

This fierce beast is a giant eagle!

The size is like a mountain, twice as large as the giant black bear.

It turned out that this giant eagle was recovering in spirit, when the beam of light fell from the sky.

It flew to the highest level of the beam of light and received the maximum radiation baptism.

Therefore, the mutation is extremely powerful.

It is much stronger than the giant black bear below.

Therefore, it is better than Wanamaker!

This is also the strongest beast they have ever seen!

Cioza was also frightened.

It’s too late to say anything now.

How about they are afraid of Levi Garrison?

It’s all over!

Knowing the truth is useless!


The giant eagle didn’t speak much, and directly incited its wings to kill.

The earth shakes and the mountains shake.

At the same time, the giant black bear on the ground also came.

The other fierce beasts also rushed up.

Wanamaker and them were all overwhelmed.

Then came the screams…

Blood splattered, flesh and blood separated, and the area was razed continuously.

One body was torn to pieces.


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