The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3056

Rumor has it that some powerful countries are capturing some powerful beasts for their own use in order to improve their strength.

If you can control the gods

After the strength is stable and all aspects are stable, they will definitely start against these countries that don’t have the opportunity when their spiritual energy recovers.

It is even rumored that the Nation War Bear is already observing the Nation War Eagle, and is ready to do it at any time.

After all, with the current strength of Zhanxiong Nation, it was simply invincible.

Holding thousands of god-level powerhouses and the most powerful masters.

It is a dimensionality reduction blow to the forces of that country!

However, the Warhawk Nation is special, and they have to examine it in many ways.

Can’t fight unprepared battles!

No one would have thought that the death of Vannamek and his son would have caused such turmoil to the world and changed many things.

At this time, the three of Levi Garrison had come to a quiet place.

The Dark Doctor was full of surprise.

He has studied this golden plant all the way.

“Hahaha, it really is a good thing!”

Doctor Dark laughed.

Levi Garrison also kindled hope: “What’s wrong? Is it saved?”

The Dark Doctor smiled and said, “After all the research I have just done! I found that this plant is just the nemesis of a toxin!”

“I have studied this toxin for more than ten years, and there is no substance to restrain it! Rejuvenation is still too powerful. A plant growing on a cliff is a nemesis!”

“I think, as long as we search for the nemesis of all the toxins, we will be able to detoxify it perfectly!”

The dark doctor blushed.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing hope.

Levi Garrison also smiled.

But his face faded quickly.

That’s 87 kinds!

It is too difficult to find the nemesis of all toxins.

It’s all luck!

It’s okay to be able to meet, but not to be able to?

You can’t touch 87 kinds of luck, right?

What’s more, some toxins may have no nemesis!

Among the 87 kinds, only a few have been studied by the Dark Doctor.

It’s okay if you run into the nemesis by chance.

But what about other toxins?

Even if it is possible to encounter the nemesis of other toxins, because you do not know this toxin, you may miss it…

Besides, Levilia’s luck is against the sky.

Really found the nemesis of 87 kinds of toxins.

Can it really detoxify it?

Everything is unknown!

But although hope is slim, it is almost zero.

But there is hope, that is one way!

“I decided to give Levilia a try on this plant! This plant has mild medicinal power and should not be stimulating.”

After seeking Levi Garrison’s consent, Dr. Dark took some plants for Levilia.

After Levilia took it down.

There is no response.

Doctor Dark was disappointed.

Doesn’t it work at all?

But Levi Garrison showed a little joy.

He still felt a slight change in poison, or weakened it a bit.

Although it is almost zero.

But he still noticed it.

He felt that Levilia’s condition had improved a lot.

At least the medicine is effective, enhancing the spirit of the king.

This shows that this magical medicine is okay!

It’s not that this magical medicine is effective against that toxin, but that the magical medicine is so simple that it is astonishing and is absorbed by Levilia…

Levi Garrison was thinking.

If you encounter a particularly strong magic drug!

Directly dissolve the antidote with terrible medicinal power!

It is not impossible!

Judging from this magical medicine alone, it is entirely possible!

And it is feasible!

Levi Garrison didn’t think about this problem before.

He and Doctor Dark are looking for 87 nemesis.

But I had never thought of the possibility that one or several magical medicines could unlock this poison.

Now it seems that there is hope!

If there is hope, then continue to look for it!


Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark are looking for places that are listed as forbidden places by the major forces of various countries.

For others, it is a forbidden land, but for Levi Garrison it is no man’s land.

No matter what dangerous existence there is in this forbidden area, as long as he perceives the aura on Levi Garrison’s body, one by one will find a place to hide.

Where dare to come out.

Therefore, the journey of the two is very smooth, entering and leaving the forbidden areas and places that may breed natural treasures.

Originally these forbidden lands, if it were explored by a big country or a big force.

It will cost a great price.


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