The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3057

Must be able to get the powerhouse of the moving god level, and may even fall.

But in front of Levi Garrison, it was like going home.

They found a lot of treasures.

But the effects of these natural treasures are average.

Basically, it is not as good as the golden magic drug that I encountered for the first time.

It doesn’t seem to be super luck every time.

Luck has to keep touching.

But this strongest poison is really overbearing.

Under Levi Garrison’s suppression, it happened again.

Despite being suppressed again.

But Levilia’s state is obviously declining.

Levi Garrison couldn’t change this.

Can only pray to find a feasible solution as soon as possible.

Doctor Dark sighed: “I don’t know what happened to God’s brain?”

At this time, the brain of God had just expressed its meaning to Zhan Xiong Nation.

Ask Hydra to hand over all the information on the strongest poison and other information.

As his light angel!

I beg Zhanxiong Country for help…

However, the answer given by the Zhanxiong Nation was very firm-it involved the secrets of the Zhanxiong Nation and could not be handed over.

Let the mind of God die this heart.

It’s really wrong.

The Hydra now seeks refuge in the War Bear Nation, giving all their secrets and other things that they have stored for a long time to the War Bear Nation.

In other words, everything about Hydra right now is not theirs.

It’s from the War Bear Kingdom!

Especially this is the strongest poison!


How could the War Bear Nation easily hand it over?

Would you like to take out the detailed formula?


Even if the angel of light, the brain of God, brought it up personally, it was impossible.

After all, the Angel of Light and Darkness was actually the first one proposed by the War Bear Kingdom!

They benefited from the rejuvenation of spiritual energy and became the strongest power in the world in one fell swoop.

Therefore, the two Doctors of Darkness were brought out and sought after.

In fact, the essential purpose is to control and embody status!

The black light angel they set is the most noble person in the world!

Every country must be regarded as a guest, and the highest etiquette must be shown!

Actually show their domineering!

Shock the world!

Let the whole world listen to them!

Follow their arrangements!

To put it bluntly, these two are chess pieces!

But, in fact, the two Doctors of Darkness don’t even have any face…

The Nation of War Bear can make them the most noble guests, and it can abolish them instantly and kill them directly.

Now God’s brain relies on this identity to ask them for such confidential information.

The State of War Bear is actually very disgusted with this matter.

“Angel of Light, if there are other things we would help! But this involves our top secret! It really can’t help!”

“Also in this environment, it’s good to be able to keep yourself, so don’t think about other people!”

“Even though you are the creator of Reiki Resurrection, and the most honored guest in the world! But that is what I think of Zhanxiong Nation and some allies, others may not recognize you!”

“If you want to be more stable, stay in the War Bear Country and enjoy the rest of your life! If you have other ideas, we can’t keep you!”

The receptionist of Zhan Xiong Nation sneered.

And these few words are weird.

Where does the brain of God do not understand?

The implication is not to shame on your face…

Your distinguished status is given by us, and we can take it back at any time!

Don’t use this identity to help other people…

God’s brain was also happy, and he sneered: “But don’t you want to know who I want this information for?”

“Of course I know! Daxia side by side Wang Levi Garrison! Her daughter has been poisoned!”

The receptionist answered calmly.

The brain of God asked: “That’s good! Have you ever been allies? Now that his daughter has something wrong, shouldn’t you help?”


Several receptionists laughed.

“Angel of Light, remember one sentence-there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits!”

The receptionist said.

God’s brain also smiled: “Indeed! Now you have provoked Mr. Ye! Hydra is Mr. Ye’s enemy!”

“You have accepted Hydra and you are an enemy of Mr. Ye! Wait, sooner or later, Mr. Ye will come to War Bear Nation to find Hydra! At that time, I am afraid that the entire War Bear Nation will suffer! “

“Ah? The War Bear Nation will suffer? Just rely on him? Hahaha…”

The receptionists became more presumptuous, and their stomachs hurt when they laughed.


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