The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3059

The brain of God was also stunned.

Unexpectedly, the attitude of the Zhanxiong Nation was so determined!

Is this planning to protect the Hydra? ? ?


very good!

They also didn’t see Mr. Ye Fan in their eyes.

I think he is very weak.

Just did this.

It’s ok.

Just wait!

Mr. Ye will come sooner or later!

The Titan God of War looked at the brain of God and said: “Tell you, how many enemies of Hydra! In just three days, 17 batches have come to kill them! This is still not afraid of my war against the bear country and dare to avenge. Yes, I’m afraid I’m more likely to be more!”

“What is Levi Garrison? Among these revenge forces, he is the weakest! Why should I give him face? Does he have face?”

“We respect you as a distinguished guest, but if we don’t respect you, you are nothing! You have to give you face! You have to give you face!”

The Titan God of War said frankly.

God’s Brain also sneered: “Then you wait, there will be the day when you are trampled by Mr. Ye!”



Everyone laughed.

The more God’s brain says this, the more ridiculous they find it.

But the facts are really ridiculous!

If they are afraid of people, you have a reason to say so.

But let Levi Garrison forget it, right?

Moreover, there are no people who are afraid of anything in the War Bear Nation today!

As strong as the Eagle Nation, none of these threaten the Nation War Bear anymore.

Just rely on Levi Garrison?

Isn’t this just kidding?

In the ridicule of everyone, the brain of God left the war bear country!

Several heads of Hydra on the side walked out and said to the Titan God of War, “Hydra will die for the Nation of the Bears in the future!”

“Yes! We will do our best to help Zhanxiong Nation!”

“According to some ancient methods that we have been researching, it seems that it can improve the body’s absorption of spiritual energy, thereby allowing more gods to appear!”

They are very courteous.

But this word came out.

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically.

Is there a way to create more gods? ? ?

Mainly spread out, the whole world is a sensation!

The number of gods is too scarce!

There are only about ten gods in the country of Lynx and Huge Lu!

If you can now use other methods to create more gods, does that mean changing your fate against the sky?

The creation of one has already shocked the world.

If you create dozens or hundreds, you can’t imagine it.

If this way, Da Xia and the war Eagle Nation have no gods know.

What a crazy thing!

Even the war bear country can’t refuse!

Although they may possess tens of thousands of gods.

Hearing this approach, I couldn’t refuse it.

In this way, the value of Hydra is greater for the War Bear Nation, and it will not give up easily.

More and more to ensure.

Immediately, the gods of the War Bear Kingdom took the initiative to attack, and the enemies who would seek revenge from the Hydra were beheaded one by one to warn the world.

The strength of the war bear country is also getting stronger and stronger.

There are constantly big forces joining in, and some gods who don’t belong to join.

Just half a day.

Thirty-seven gods have already announced that they will join the War Bear Kingdom!

These gods are all alone and do not belong to any forces.

But now they have joined the war bear country.

It can be seen that the prestige of the war bear country now.



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