The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3060

The dark doctor received a message from the brain of God.

“Mr. Ye! Zhan Xiong Nation intends to protect Hydra! Not only will it not hand over them, but it will not even hand over the poison information! This is their secret!”

“Even the seventeen forces that went to avenge the Hydra slaughtered all of them!”

“This is to warn the whole world that no one can touch Hydra!”

Doctor Dark told Levi Garrison all the circumstances.

“In fact, the impact is not great, but we can’t get the information about the poison! But it’s okay! We can still analyze it slowly! The experts of the Sky Shield of the War Eagle Nation have been studying, as long as there is enough time, the composition of the poison It will be researched out!”

Doctor Dark comforted.

Levi Garrison looked calm: “Well, I know. It does have no influence, but it just allows them to live longer! Zhan Xiong Nation will do its best to protect them!”

Levi Garrison looked at Doctor Dark and said, “Your light angels and dark angels are actually people’s chess pieces. It’s just a fake name!”

“Hmm, I understand!”


“Hydra has no feasible way. I don’t need to go directly to them. Let them live longer for the time being! Their lives can be taken away at any time as long as I want them! No one can stop them!”

Levi Garrison said.

“Then shall we continue to look for it next?”

Doctor Dark asked.

“Let’s go to the East Island Royal Family!”

Levi Garrison said.

Doctor Dark looked questioned: “Huh? Todoro Royale? They have a way?”

Levi Garrison said: “My people have found a long-lost poison scripture hidden by the Dongdao royal family! It records all the poisons in the world!”

“Actually, this poison scripture came from Daxia! It just disappeared bizarrely afterwards! I didn’t even think of hiding it in the East Island imperial family!”

Doctor Dark’s eyes also lit up fiercely: “There is still such a thing? Covering all the poisons in the world? Isn’t the probability of detoxification high?”

“There should be a chance! This Poison Classic is what my poisonous evil god has always dreamed of! It is also his ultimate goal!

He has been searching for the poison scriptures, and it has been fruitless for many years. With good luck this time, the Dongdao imperial family damaged many buildings due to the rejuvenation of spiritual energy, and accidentally leaked the poison scriptures. “

“If such poison scriptures really exist, then there must be a corresponding solution! Hope is great!”

Doctor Dark was also excited.

Now he is not only aiming at the need to heal Levilia.

There is also a desire to win, and this poison must be eliminated.

After examining Levilia’s physical condition, Levi Garrison put her to sleep, entering a state where all organs and body were stagnated.

In this way, the toxin will not continue to spread, and has a certain inhibitory effect.

After all this was done, the three went to the East Island.

East Island, like other places, suffered tremendous changes in the aura of rejuvenation.

Levi Garrison glanced at it, and it seemed that Dong Dao was much bigger.

The aura is gushing, like a fairy island.

However, many sea areas around the East Island have been isolated.

Obviously they are all restricted areas.

There are many mutant fierce beasts in the sea.

I dare not explore easily.

Levi Garrison glanced at it and said, “Dongdao has changed quite a bit!”

The Dark Doctor smiled and said, “Due to the small size of Dongdao, when the aura bursts, they can’t avoid it. Most people face the aura radiation directly! Therefore, they have born a lot of strong people! Especially the number of gods! Someone guessed it was around one hundred!”

Levi Garrison sneered: “That’s really a lot! I really didn’t think that the projectile land would be good? Because there is no place to hide, I suffer the maximum aura radiation!”

“According to preliminary statistics! East Island is now ranked 11th in the world ranking!”

Said Doctor Dark.

Levi Garrison said calmly: “No matter how many gods they have, all those who stand in my way will be killed!”

Soon the three came to the streets of East Island.

To make things easier.

Both Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark dressed up.

Don’t let you recognize it as soon as you see it.


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