The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3061

Especially Doctor Dark is the black angel that everyone respects today.

It’s easy to be recognized.

Then it is inconvenient to act.

The streets of the Imperial City on the East Island are crowded with people and the heat is extraordinary.

It is completely different from the previous cities.

The items that everyone trades are also animal skins and horns.

“Have you heard? The people from the Great Summer Policy House have come to the East Island!”

“You know, didn’t they just come to ask my Dongdao god to take action to detoxify Levi Garrison’s daughter? This matter has spread all over!”

“They asked for help from the Zhanxiong Nation at first, but the Zhanxiong Nation disregarded the feelings of the old allies and refused. They have no way to come here!”

“That’s not right, the war bear country has tried to protect the poisonous Hydra, how can it be detoxified?”

“Yeah, I heard that a group of people are kneeling down! Asking the gods to take action! If you want me to say, Levi Garrison will come and kneel down and ask the gods to take action!”

“What he did on the East Island back then, he wants to return one by one!”

After Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark heard this, their expressions changed.

Sure enough, Zoey Lopez didn’t listen to the group of people, asking gods everywhere.

Even Doctor Dark sighed.

That thing is useless at all.

“Go find them first!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

He didn’t want Zoey Lopez to kneel down for Dong Dao.

No way!

This is a matter of dignity!

“Where are the Daxia people you just said? We want to see it too?”

Levi Garrison asked the person next to him.

“Those people are in the Black Dragon Dojo! There are four gods in the Black Dragon Dojo! They have gone to the right place!”

Later, Levi Garrison didn’t want to listen to what these Dongdao people said.

Immediately go to the Black Dragon Dojo with Doctor Dark.

Black Dragon Dojo.

Originally the activity site of the East Island Black Dragon Group.

The Black Dragon Group has many ancient masters.

Benefiting from this aura recovery, four gods appeared at once.

Powers of other levels are like Chinese cabbage, everywhere.

at this time.

Zoey Lopez and his party were outside the Black Dragon Dojo.

Everyone is kneeling quietly!

There are so many people who come.

Several of Levilia’s masters were also listed, and many other relatives of Zoey Lopez and Levi Garrison and Li Zhao’s family came.

After experiencing a wall in the War Bear Kingdom, they set their target on Dong Dao.

Pray for help from the gods.

They understand that the Zhanxiong Nation will never make a move because of its stake.

Dong Dao would probably take action, but he would inevitably be insulted and let them kneel down and so on.

But they are willing to endure any shame in order to save the king.

As long as the gods of Dongdao are willing to take action, they will do everything.

Kneeling for help is just a routine operation.

A line of people are kneeling together, they have been kneeling for most of the day.

But in their eyes, it was a god who was kneeling.

It doesn’t have much to do with Dongdao.

Even if there is any more humiliation, they will bear it for Levilia.

As long as Levilia’s poison can be eliminated, they can do anything!

Kneeling for a long time without any response, but Zoey Lopez’s faces were full of determination.

Must wait until the gods of the Black Dragon Dojo respond.

The people on the East Island who watched the heat from the back at least had a lot of fun.


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