The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3063

“You all count a bit! You have to knock enough! Otherwise it won’t count!”

Yuto Yamada shouted.

Zoey Lopez didn’t dare to say anything. Everyone bowed their heads.

When the head falls slowly, it is necessary to make contact with the ground.

Yatoto Yamada, the people from Higashishima, all smile like chrysanthemums.


At this moment, an invisible force swept over.

They actually held Zoey Lopez’s heads and couldn’t knock them down.

The invisible power was enveloped, and Zoey Lopez and the others couldn’t even knock it down at the last step.


Everyone showed an incredible look.

Everyone looked at each other, their faces full of doubts.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier on the ground, and they couldn’t knock their heads off.

“Knock! What are you doing?”

Yuto Yamada urged.

The same goes for others.

Hastily shouted to let Zoey Lopez kowtow to them.

But no matter how hard Zoey Lopez they work hard, it won’t work!

I can’t knock my head down…

Soon, Yuto Yamada and the others also discovered the anomaly.

“What’s the situation? Who is making trouble?”

Yamada shouted angrily.

next moment.

The three of Levi Garrison appeared.

But they have been dressed up, and everyone will not recognize them all at once.

With a force of strength, Zoey Lopez and all of them were abruptly pulled up.

Don’t kneel down!

“How can you kneel and kowtow to these chores?”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

Yatoto Yamada stepped forward and pointed at Levi Garrison and said, “Is that you doing the ghost?”

But Levi Garrison suddenly disappeared.

The reappearance has come to Yamada Yuto.


Yuto Yamada flew out directly, smashing the gate of the Black Dragon Dojo…

There was a dead silence…


Everyone is silent!

Who would have thought that someone suddenly appeared, not only prevented Zoey Lopez from kneeling.

In front of the Black Dragon Dojo, he blasted Yamada Yuto directly.

This is the Black Dragon Dojo!

There are four gods in it!

Four! ! !

Who dares to provoke Dongdao?

Only the gods can provoke the gods, and I want at least four!

Everyone looked at Levi Garrison in front of them, and they all thought he was crazy!

After landing, Yamada’s body twitched for a while, and there was no movement.

The person next to him leaned forward and saw that Yamada’s body was torn apart. As long as he touched it, his flesh and blood would explode…

This huge movement also shocked the entire Black Dragon Dojo.

A group of people rushed out from inside.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

The strong people shouted.

When they saw that Yamada had become a corpse, everyone was angry.

“Who did it?”

They are all crazy.

But Levi Garrison was standing at the door of the dojo, and the result was obvious.

It must be his hand!

One of them stepped forward and pointed at Levi Garrison and shouted, “Is that the one you killed?”

Suddenly the man’s finger snapped into two pieces, and blood spattered.


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