The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3066

It’s easy now.

They can kill Levi Garrison with all their strength.

Levi Garrison sneered when he thought of something, “I have a gift for the royal family of Dongdao…”

The Dark Doctor also seemed to understand what Levi Garrison meant—the gifts were the heads of the four gods in front of him.


He breathed in subconsciously.

Taking the head of a god as a gift, in today’s world, I am afraid that only Levi Garrison can do it, right?

The four gods looked at Levi Garrison together and asked, “Who are you? Why kill our disciples?”

Levi Garrison sneered and said, “Daxia people, because you insult Daxia, damn it!”

Levi Garrison said this.

Several gods are going to explode.

To kill people wantonly in their dojo is to provoke their majesty!

No matter what the reason, murder is impossible!

Even if it is their own fault!

In short, if Levi Garrison dared to do something here, he committed a heinous crime!

“Listen, you first kneel down and kowtow to apologize, and then tell your secrets, maybe we let you die in a lighter way…”

“Yes! Dare to offend the majesty of the gods, you have been convicted of death! Telling your secrets can make you less guilty!”

Although the four gods wanted Levi Garrison to die, they even wanted to know Levi Garrison’s secret.

Why is it so powerful without aura?

Just rely on pure power to make such a terrifying punch?

There is definitely a big secret!

In this era, everyone is baptized by aura radiation.

The spiritual energy is no longer needed, and what I am fighting now is some exercises and combat skills.

Can maximize the value of the spiritual energy in the body.

Even the gods are no exception.

They just reached a certain level of spiritual energy, but there is still a gap in strength.

Gods and gods are different.

They also have to improve as much as possible.

Now that they saw that Levi Garrison had a secret, they would naturally not let it go.

“As much nonsense!”

Suddenly Levi Garrison disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

When he reappeared, he had already come before the four gods.


Hit directly with a punch.

A god soaring to the sky Jiutai couldn’t dodge, so he could only accept it abruptly.

Can be the next second.

A force that could be called breaking the sky spread, tearing the body of this god…

“Bang bang bang…”

The body of this god exploded irregularly.


The whole audience was dumbfounded.

Killed a god!

Still a punch!

Unheard of!

Even the Dark Doctor, who knew Levi Garrison’s skill for a long time, saw this scene and his scalp was numb with surprise.

Killed the gods easily?

Now he finally understood why Levi Garrison looked down on the gods, and said in advance that the gods were not good enough.

In front of Levi Garrison, it was like a chicken.

How can it work?

When the god Shunsuke Haga on the side saw his companion being killed, he immediately reacted.

Immediately mobilized the terrifying aura of the whole body, releasing the coercion like a god.

To kill Levi Garrison.

The other two gods also reacted one after another, and immediately gathered the strongest spiritual energy to kill Levi Garrison.

The three gods shot together, it was terrifying.


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