The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3070

The movement created by Levi Garrison has already made a huge noise in the East Island imperial family.

Experts rushed to the door one after another.

Those god-level powerhouses who lurked around the imperial family also opened their eyes.

Not because of how terrifying it feels.

It was mainly the first time someone hit the East Island imperial family directly.

They are more curious.

Can’t figure out why someone can call the royal family of Dongdao directly and dislike their lives too much?

This may have happened before.

But now the Dongdao royal family is very high-profile, and many outsiders know that there are thirty gods.

Levi Garrison and the three had just entered, and a group of people immediately stopped him.

“Hand over the poison scripture, or you will be killed!”

You have heard this sentence three times.

But what’s the use?

Still can’t stop Levi Garrison!

So many people died!

Even now, most people don’t know why Levi Garrison is here?

Why did you kill…

“Poison Ching…”

Many people reacted this time.

They still remember that the poison script was unintentionally revealed due to the damage of the royal building a few days ago.

He didn’t think that the murderous existence in front of him was actually directed at the poisonous scriptures.

Just as an important member of the royal family was about to speak, a thunderous voice rang out from behind: “Death!!!”

The royal gods appeared.



Not only the rear, but also the front, the left and the right, and even mid-air.

There was an aura of silence.

As if the dragon came to the world, Shura was born again.


The gods of the royal family appeared.




The powerful breath came after another.

More than one.

Judging from the current situation, at least seven or eight gods have appeared.

There are also hidden in the dark.

Not to mention that thirty gods appeared together.

At least half of them are here.

At first they were curious about Levi Garrison.

But behind it was anger and hatred.

Killed so many people.

Especially those people who had been beheaded by Shen Jie just now, many were their disciples and heirs.

Now all have been killed.

How are they not angry?

There were already eight gods on the bright side that had trapped Levi Garrison around.

“You may be deaf, let me remind you again, hand over the poison scripture! Otherwise, you will be killed!”

Levi Garrison kindly reminded.

He didn’t want to fight, let alone kill.

He had already stated his purpose at the beginning.

It’s just that none of these people listened.

What can he do?

Can only be killed.

“Poison Jing?????”

After hearing these gods, their expressions changed slightly.

“Presumptuous, the poison scripture is the supreme sacred artifact of my East Island royal family, how can it be handed to you? Why are you???”


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