The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3071

One of the gods lost Notian Hao and said coldly.

Levi Garrison didn’t speak, but the corner of his mouth was curved.


In the next moment, he disappeared from where he was.

Shiye Tian Hao felt that the danger was approaching, and a terrible air current was surging towards him.

He still has no way of catching it. The most frightening thing is that his aura is temporarily locked up, unable to use it at all.

He seemed to be imprisoned.

Except for thoughts, nothing else can be used.

No, the ideology is imprisoned, the reaction is too slow, everything is vague.

Sure enough, Levi Garrison appeared before his eyes instantly.

Divine robbery crosscut in the hand.

The body of Lost Tian Hao was separated and blood splashed on the spot.


Everyone present was dumbfounded once again!

The seven surrounding gods and the gods in the dark were also shocked.

A god was killed like this? ? ?

The key is still under their noses, no one can react.

This is the deadliest!

Let alone fight back, they can’t save even if they want to.

How terrible is this person?

The point is that he is not a god!

And there is no spiritual lingering, what kind of existence is he?

After Levi Garrison easily killed a god, he said lightly: “Why do you ask me? Just rely on this!”

Shocked on the spot! ! !

Even if there are more than a dozen gods here and there!

But in such an environment, there is no one to do it, and no one to speak.


There was a long silence.


The silence of the needle falling.

At this time, Doctor Dark came out: “Don’t get me wrong, we are just looking for the poisonous scripture! I don’t want to fight or kill people!”

Everyone: “…”.

Everyone is vomiting blood.

You killed so many people and gods.

You said that you don’t want to fight or kill people? ? ?

Our purpose is very simple, as long as you hand over the poison scriptures, we will leave immediately!”

The dark doctor smiled.

But this smile looks very strange to everyone.

It’s that simple?

Just hand over the poison scripture?


There was a look of suspicion on everyone’s faces.

Even the gods doubt the authenticity.

The Dark Doctor suddenly remembered something, and couldn’t help smiling: “By the way, we didn’t come empty-handed either! We brought gifts, as if they were in exchange for the Poison Sutra!”


Doctor Dark finished speaking.

The more people want to vomit blood.

Since ancient times, it has always been courtesy before soldiers.

Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark are first soldiers and then salutes.

Let’s kill indiscriminately first, and then slowly reason with you.

“There are still gifts???”

Finally someone couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes indeed……”

The Dark Doctor threw out the bag he was holding.


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