The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3072

Four chubby things scattered all over the place with blood…


When everyone saw it clearly, they all gasped.

There was a look of horror on everyone’s face.

Even these gods are the same.

So these gods are all talking about the calf. Where can they be gods?

Is God so scared?

“This…this is Hachiga Shunsuke…this this this…”

“Heh…this is the nine towers…my God…”

“The four gods of the Black Dragon Dojo!!!”

After seeing it clearly, many people distinguished it carefully and recognized it at a glance.

Who is this!

Take the heads of the four gods of the Black Dragon Dojo as a gift? ? ?

This is not a gift!

This is shocking! ! !

Everyone, including the gods, raised their heads to look at Levi Garrison.

In other cases, they will ask who killed these heads?

How did it come?

But after seeing the scene where Levi Garrison killed Ye Tianhao in a second, he naturally thought about him.

It must be homicide!

He killed all the four gods in the Black Dragon Dojo, which shows that he is terrifying to the extreme.

Even if there are more than a dozen gods guarding him, they are all scared.

Who knows how strong his peak combat power is?

To fight him must be a desperate battle.

It is good to win, but what about losing?

The entire East Island royal family was destroyed.

Doctor Dark smiled and said: “I’m actually good for you, you should hand it over quickly! Otherwise, it will be you who will be the trouble at that time!”

“If you don’t hand it over, you will be beaten to death by him then!”

Now Doctor Dark believes in Levi Garrison’s words.

If they can’t get the poison scripture, they will really be beaten to death.

So Doctor Dark is really helping them.

Otherwise, if you provoke Levi Garrison, you will die.


Now these gods of the East Island royal family are extremely entangled.

Go ahead, the whole army may be overthrown.

Not on it, face problem.

East Island Royal Family?

God at that time?

Both of these aspects must be humiliated!

They really want to take a stand and kill Levi Garrison.

A dozen of them are not enough.

Just pull out all the thirty or so, and deal with Levi Garrison together.

Can only fight to the death.

They are fighting one by one, and they are preparing for the ultimate battle.

But at this moment, a voice came from behind: “Stop it all, hold on!”

Immediately, several people walked out quickly.

He also held a delicate wooden box in his hand.


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