The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3073

Several people came to Levi Garrison and said, “Thank you for the gift, Mr. Dongdao Royal Family likes it very much!”

“Now I have specially offered the poison scripture! The Dongdao royal family does not pray to befriend her husband, but only asks that the husband does not treat the Dongdao royal family as an enemy!”

Be soft!

The royal suit of the East Island is soft.

He brought the poison scripture directly to Levi Garrison.

The four great gods in the Black Dragon Dojo and the scene of the death of Tianhao lost just now were too shocking.

Let them have to subdue.

If this is a fight.

But it’s a bet on the entire East Island royal family.

Although the poison is very important.

But the value is not so great…

Take the future of the Dongdao royal family to gamble on a drug book!

Can’t pay!

Moreover, it has been forty to fifty years that no one has been affected by it.

It’s just hidden in the royal family of Dongdao.

To put it bluntly, the value is not that great.

Now you can save the Dongdao imperial family, why not take it out?

After receiving the poison scripture, the wooden box broke and disappeared out of thin air.

The speed of that fragmentation can’t even be seen by the gods…

Especially the person who handed the wooden box across from Levi Garrison was the most shocking-in his perspective, the wooden box had disappeared directly.

Disappeared out of thin air! ! !

Is this a fairy-like method?

It seems that Levi Garrison is like a god compared to the dozens of gods around him!

Levi Garrison opened the Toxic Sutra and turned it over a few times, confirming that it was the Toxic Sutra.

He just put it away.

“Isn’t it enough to hand it in early? A lot of people will be killed!”

Levi Garrison turned and left.

If the goal is reached, there is no reason to stay.

Everyone in the East Island royal family watched Levi Garrison come and leave them.

How dare to stop it.

Today’s shame, Levi Garrison was abruptly brought to the Dongdao imperial family.

When Levi Garrison left.

The royal interior of the East Island is deadly silent!

Everyone was silent.


What a shame!

It is obvious that there are more than 30 gods in the royal family of Dongdao, why are they forced to do this?

People have killed so many people and gods in front of you, but you dare not say a word.

Shame to the extreme!

This is the most humiliating day for the royal family on the East Island.

At this moment, two figures rushed in.

“No, a mysterious person just broke into the Black Dragon Dojo and killed everyone in the Black Dragon Dojo, including the four gods!”

They shouted at the crowd.

But the next moment, when they saw the sights of the imperial house on the East Island, they all went crazy.

It turns out that the mysterious man has also come here…

“What to do? This thing just passed?”

A god asked.

“Too aggrieved, too shameful!”

The other gods clenched their fists tightly.

What a shame.

Especially, they are all gods.

But who has suffered this level of humiliation, who is not aggrieved?

It’s more uncomfortable than death.

At this time, a god came out from inside.

He has been hiding in the dark.

This is the presence of a prince of the royal family, he said coldly: “First of all, seal all information! My Dongdao loses five gods at once. This is not a trivial matter! If the whole world knows it, it will cause chaos. It will have an adverse effect on the East Island!”

“Yes, some small countries and small forces have a total of four or five gods. A bigger one is estimated to be ten gods! So this incident will definitely cause an uproar! The message must be blocked.”

Others also said one after another.

This message has to be locked!

Resolutely cannot pass it out.

The prince continued: “Secondly, this Chou Dongdao royal family is next! It must be reported!”

The others looked puzzled: “But they are all gone now, we don’t even know who it is!”


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