The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3074

The prince’s eyes shot out a cold light: “Their identity is not difficult to determine! Which is the dark doctor, that is, the black angel! The other is Levi Garrison of Daxia with his daughter on his back! Come to find the poison scripture His daughter detoxifies!”

“What??? Levi Garrison? When did he become so strong?”

As soon as I heard of Levi Garrison, everyone seemed crazy.

Levi Garrison in my impression has long since been abandoned.

Where can I have the power to kill the gods at will?

What kind of alien is it?

“Actually I don’t believe it, but the fact is like this! However, Levi Garrison will count the old and new hatred together! Especially the shame you brought us this time, we will not forget! Wait, we will get revenge!”

Hear here.

A terrible murderous aura emerged from everyone.


Levi Garrison repeatedly brought them shame!

Everyone hated Levi Garrison to their bones.

If it is said that the people before the East Island, the mission of living is to keep the Great Xia Bi down.

Then the mission of this generation must include one thing-get rid of Levi Garrison.

Now so.

It was the same in the past.

“But it’s not easy to kill Levi Garrison now. Just how strong is he, everyone has seen it?”

“After the world’s environment has changed drastically, everyone is saying that gods are the strongest! But now, some people are killing gods at will! If this message goes out, I’m afraid it will cause an uproar!”

The prince said coldly: “We can only unite! If he can kill ten gods, we will summon 20. If he can kill 20, we will summon fifty! I don’t believe it, there are hundreds of gods at once, he How to kill?”

“Yes, Levi Garrison must die! Let’s take a long-term plan, summon enough powerhouses, and take action together. I don’t believe that Levi Garrison can stop…”

“Although we have hundreds of gods in Dongdao, we can’t bet on Dongdao’s future! We have to unite with other forces, or borrow a knife to kill people! Use other people’s hands to deal with Levi Garrison!”

“It can not only kill Levi Garrison, but also store our strength!”

They have set their mindset to create a shocking situation for Levi Garrison.

The three of Levi Garrison did not leave the East Island.

Instead, rest in a nearby place.

Levi Garrison directly picked up the poison scripture and studied it.

Doctor Dark is also watching.

After a while.

Doctor Dark praised: “It’s an ancient book of Daxia! The poisons I have searched for for many years have been recorded! There are also 87 kinds of toxins in the strongest poison, I have seen at least six of them. All have corresponding solutions.

The main reason is that I don’t know what the other toxins of the strongest poison are, maybe they already have it. “


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