The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3075


Both Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark had smiles on their faces.

This poison scripture can bring hope.

Levi Garrison and Dr. Dark looked in different directions.

The Dark Doctor is detailed, the solution to each toxin.

But Levi Garrison was looking for a solution to the strongest poison at once.

For example, are there any drugs or methods that can solve all kinds of poisons.

No matter what kind of poison is okay.

Two people have been studying.

The two were even more careful not to miss a point.

A full day and night have passed for this research.

It was a pleasant surprise for Doctor Dark.

He has mastered too many poisons and solutions.

He is also very confident.

Even if these methods cannot directly detoxify Levilia, it is still possible to delay these.

You know, before he faced Levilia’s situation, he was helpless, and there was no way.

But after having a poisoning method.

He can at least control the onset of Levilia’s illness and delay the toxin.

He believes this is just the beginning.

Just after reading the poison scripture.

Levilia’s situation may be resolved.

The two have been studying.

Soon came the end of the poison scripture.

After turning to the penultimate page at the end, Levi Garrison’s eyes lit up fiercely.

The whole person was breathing quickly.

When Doctor Dark saw it, he was also stunned.

Does the poison scripture really have a way and things to unravel the poison? ? ?

The first part of the poison scripture is the collection record and solution of poison in the creator’s life.

And later, this is the solution created by the creator of the poison scripture fusion of medicine and the path of poison, and useful things and substances that have been tested.

All the things in the front of the co-author are pediatrics.

Finally is the real point!

Detoxification is too exciting.

Levi Garrison was short of breath, and he was about to suffocate.

As long as you master this method, wouldn’t Levilia’s poison be cured?

The answer is on the last page, as long as you turn it down, you can find a solution to Levilia’s poison.

Levi Garrison shuddered and turned to the last page…


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