The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3076

Doctor Dark’s eyes are about to fly out.

In the end what is the method to unlock the poison?

And the most powerful poison in the world?

what exactly is it?

Can it compare to the strongest poison in Levilia?

Simply incredible.

But when Levi Garrison turned to the last page, both of them were disappointed.

Especially Levi Garrison almost exploded with anger.

There is a feeling of being tricked by fate.

It turns out that the last page of Poison Sutra has no content at all.

Its existence just means that the Poison Classic still has the second half of the volume.

The truly shocking things are hidden in the second half of the Poison Sutra.

The first half of the Book of Poison is just a record of all the poisons in the world, and the second half is the core of the Book of Poison.

The methods and medicines that can solve all poisons at once are in the second half of the Poison Sutra.

Of course, the Poison Classic is definitely the most complete and powerful poison recorded.

The most powerful poison is also in the second half of the volume.

And the way to detoxify is to fight poison with poison.

The medical techniques in the Poison Sutra are actually poison techniques.

“Playing with me???”

Levi Garrison shouted angrily.

I thought that the Poison Sutra would be able to unravel the poison on Levilia.

Didn’t think there was a second half volume.

Doctor Dark was also slumped on the ground.

It was a sense of gap between seeing hope and instant despair.

It’s so huge that it’s unbearable.

Levi Garrison was panting heavily, if Levilia hadn’t woken up.

It is estimated that his violent outburst could destroy the entire Dongdao Imperial City.

“What to do? What’s next?”

Doctor Dark is annoyed.

“Go to the Dongdao Royal Family again! Ask them for the second half!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

“Okay, let’s go together!”

In the East Island Royal Family.

The servant just cleaned up the mess.

More than a dozen gods are sitting together to discuss how to deal with Levi Garrison.


But in the next second, a powerful breath struck.

Levi Garrison appeared directly in front of everyone like a falling star.



With the sound, two heads fell to the ground.

The two gods fell on the spot…


These gods, including the prince of the royal family, were also stunned.

He looked at Levi Garrison and the two fallen gods in disbelief.


Everyone is shaking.

Everyone was about to freak out.

After all, they are discussing how to deal with Levi Garrison.

next second.

Levi Garrison appeared, and directly killed the two gods.

this this this…

They were found? ? ?

Then wouldn’t the entire Dongdao royal family suffer?

Seeing that Levi Garrison quietly appeared to kill the two gods, his strength could not be stopped by himself.

The purpose of Levi Garrison’s direct murder is very simple.

If you smile and ask others for the second half of the poison scriptures, the Dongdao royal family may have a flowery bowels.

If you get some bullsh*t out of you, you won’t necessarily come out with the real thing.

It was very troublesome then.


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