The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3079

War Bear Kingdom also released a public announcement – these methods are not shared for the time being, but they can be discussed.

The meaning of this is very simple. If other national forces have a hole card, they can come to discuss it.

Obviously, there is a huge price to pay, and other conditions must be exchanged for this method.

Other small countries don’t even need to think about it.

There is no chance at all.

After this message came out.

There are many powerful countries that directly choose to join the War Bear Kingdom.

They will be sheltered by the War Bear Kingdom.

More and more gods are joining in.

According to the gossip, the method provided by Hydra – not only can artificially create gods, but also strengthen the power of the original gods, and use the spiritual energy absorbed in the body to the greatest extent.

This is as terrifying as man-made gods.

After all, in everyone’s cognition, the gods have reached the highest level.

Where can I think that this can improve the strength…

Most people don’t know.

But these gods do not know what their own strength is.

Although it is said that the body is full of spiritual energy, it has acquired various talents.

But it has never been able to maximize the power of the aura.

This is where the problem lies.

They can be even stronger.

And some gods who control advanced exercises, they can maximize the use of spiritual energy.

So they are stronger.

The gods are also divided into many stages, and not all gods are equally strong.

They are just more baptized with aura radiation than others.

Therefore, when Hydra has such means, it can not only become a guest of War Bear Kingdom, but also become an existence supported by gods all over the world.

Now more and more people are protecting Hydra.

Even if they leave the War Bear Country, there are countless people who will protect them.

This leaves Hydra’s enemies at a loss.

Now it’s getting harder and harder to get rid of the Hydra…

After the dark doctor heard the news, he scolded: “These bastards really have two strokes! There are ways to do this!”

“But they can’t solve this strongest poison…”

“Looking at their appearance, I don’t even want to untie it…”

Levi Garrison smiled: “That’s not true! They are waiting for me to untie it!”

“Do you think they gave Levilia poison to simply destroy her? They actually want to know the solution, let us know!

Whether or not they can detoxify is the same for them. “

The dark doctor immediately understood: “So that’s the case, these bastards are waiting for our solution.”

“So I can’t hide my whereabouts. Where we go is under their control!”

Levi Garrison said lightly.

Doctor Dark asked curiously: “Then we coax the Dongdao royal family and they also know?”

“I don’t know the details. The Dongdao Royal Family will definitely seal the details! They don’t want others to know their cards, especially when the gods were slaughtered, and they won’t let anyone know.”

Levi Garrison had long guessed that they had blocked all messages.

“Where are we going next?”

asked the Dark Doctor.

“Immediately, this kid of God’s Brain will come. After meeting with him, let’s see if he has a direction. Let’s wait!”

The brain of God stores a large amount of information, which is equivalent to the most powerful intelligence organization.

He might have a direction.

Doctor Dark continued to study the Poison Sutra, and he waited for the Sky Shield Bureau to analyze all the poisons.


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