The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3082

“It’s too difficult to avenge the Hydra now. Not only does it require a large number of god-level powerhouses to join in, but it also promises a foolproof plan! You are one of the planners the organization needs!”

“We believe that you have a plan to maximize the combat power of our organization, most likely to avenge the Hydra!”

Levi Garrison himself was happy.

It turned out that he wanted to join himself, because he saw his own ingenuity.

Indeed, if they were to avenge Hydra.

There must be an exact plan.

For example, how to enter the war bear country?

How to deal with the gods around Hydra?

How to deal with the support of the gods of the War Bear Kingdom?

This is of course a weak and incapable way of revenge.

But for Levi Garrison, it’s very simple!

Appear directly in the War Bear Country, and the killing is over.

Whoever stops whoever dies!

Not to mention thirty gods.

That’s three thousand, thirty thousand gods.

He couldn’t stop Levi Garrison alone.

He wants to kill Hydra, and no one can stop him at this time.

Now it’s just that the focus is on Levilia, so that the Hydra can live a little longer.

When he wants Hydra to be destroyed, he will let it be destroyed.

Very simple thing!

Just control the “God Tribulation” and kill it all the way.

“Join Mr. Ye! We need you!”

The five looked at Levi Garrison sincerely and asked.

But Levi Garrison smiled and said: “No need, I am enough to destroy the Hydra alone!”

The words are not surprising and die endlessly.

Levi Garrison said this.

All five were stunned.

Levi Garrison would refuse, they could expect it.

After all, Hydra is now protected by thousands of gods in the War Bear Kingdom, and seeking revenge from them is tantamount to seeking death.

Everyone is afraid!

Therefore, more than 90% of Hydra’s enemies have retreated and dare not take revenge.

They also specially invited many people, but they all refused.

He didn’t dare to mention revenge at all, and he didn’t even dare to mention hatred with Hydra.

Levi Garrison even though his daughter was given the strongest poison.

But it’s normal for him to be afraid.

After all, Hydra is now the guest of honor, and the whole world may guard it.

Where can I get revenge.

Whoever takes revenge will die!

But he never thought that Levi Garrison would say this reason.

Is he enough to destroy Hydra alone? ? ?

Totally bullsh*tting!

In today’s world, who can destroy the Hydra alone!

This is a total joke!

You are not even a god!

What about destroying the Hydra?

The organization that they have gathered at the moment has discussed it together.

If you want to completely take revenge on the Hydra, at least there must be nearly a hundred gods to take action together, and then there is hope.

And hope is only 50%.

Hundreds of gods take action, only 50% of the hope.

Now Levi Garrison says that he alone is enough to destroy Hydra.

It’s not like saying big things!

Is there a limit to bragging?

Don’t say anything else!

One of the most difficult things in the world to accomplish right now is to seek revenge against Hydra.

It’s recognized!

A hundred gods can’t do it, can one person do it?

Just a joke!

Levi Garrison glanced at everyone: “What are you people doing, don’t waste time on this matter!”

“It’s enough for me to kill Hydra alone! Now I just let them live a little longer! I’ll just take revenge for everyone’s revenge!”

“Disband your revenge alliance! If you can’t do it, don’t make fearless sacrifices.”

What Levi Garrison said was an understatement.

But I heard that everyone was overwhelmed.

Is this Levi Garrison crazy?

He didn’t take Hydra in the slightest.

It has taken refuge in the War Bear Country.

The revenge Hydra is to fight against the War Bear Country and even the whole world.

Everyone looked at Levi Garrison in disbelief.

Also called their revenge alliance to disband on the spot.

“Hoho, I never thought you could even say such a thing!”

“You’re afraid, you’re afraid! Why make a big deal out of it? Are you alone to avenge the Hydra? Do you think you’re the reincarnation of God?”

“I laughed so hard! I was obviously afraid of taking revenge on the Hydra, but I actually said this!”

Several people sneered.

“To be honest, your reason for refusing is too cowardly! You are a coward! Coward! Shrink your head and turtle!”

Several people unabashedly used words to stimulate and insult Levi Garrison.

“We have invited many people to join, and many refused. Ninety-nine out of 100 people refused! But their reasons are all telling the truth, that they are afraid and don’t want to die!”

“Only you have given such a high-sounding reason!”

“We look down on you! Your daughter has been persecuted like this, yet you dare not seek revenge? You are not worthy of being a father, let alone a man!”

“It’s because of the existence of people like you that you can’t survive! It makes the Hydra more and more rampant! Provocatively provoking everything!”

“You don’t even have the courage to take revenge! Are you worthy of your daughter?”

The five of them shouted at Levi Garrison with righteous indignation.

Levi Garrison said nothing.

But there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Killing intent.


shout out.

The five people were thrown high and flew out like a kite with a broken string.

“Bang bang bang bang…”

The five fell heavily to the ground, making a terrible sound.

After the five fell to the ground, their bodies curled up, gurgling blood.

suffered a terrible blow.


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