The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3083

The key point is that they don’t know how Levi Garrison made his move.

Is this guy so strong?

Although the five of them are not top-notch, they can be considered good players.

Otherwise, it would not be their turn to do something as important as a contact person.

But so what?

After all, it can’t be compared to the gods!

And so timid.

In fact, how do they know?

Levi Garrison did not kill, otherwise all these people would die.

But the few people who fell to the ground looked stubborn: “Okay, if you have the energy and strength to vent to Hydra, you are a coward!”

“Isn’t this quite powerful? What? Are you afraid of Hydra? Don’t dare to join the ranks of revenge?”

These five people’s mouths were as hard as boiled ducks.

Although you have defeated us, we will not accept it.

Instead, you are still a coward!

We will scold you too!

“One more word, kill you!”

Levi Garrison exuded substantial murderous aura.

This made the five people tremble.

Really scared.

They felt that if they didn’t leave, Levi Garrison would really kill.

“That’s all you can do? You can only kill other people. If you have the ability to kill Hydra!”

“Among so many people in Levi Garrison, the one I despise the most is you!”

“Do you think we can’t do it without you? We don’t need a waste! Just wait, we will destroy the Hydra!”

Several people scolded and ran away.

He was afraid of death, and his mouth was hard.

Just because they were the enemies of Hydra, Levi Garrison didn’t kill him.

Otherwise they would have died long ago.

Levi Garrison’s voice also echoed in their ears: “The Hydra can only be killed by me, no one else!”

The group just left.

Levilia woke up, she looked at Levi Garrison and whispered: “Dad, I know not only that you are not afraid, but you will really go to revenge alone! But Levilia hopes that Dad will not take revenge! Levilia will get better… …”

Don’t look at Levilia’s sleepiness every day, but Levilia knows exactly how the situation is.

She also knew that Hydra was guarded now, and revenge was a dead end.

Especially Levi Garrison’s stubborn temperament she knew, he would really go to revenge Hydra alone.

Of course this seems to be impossible anyway.

Levilia doesn’t want Dad to be in danger.

Levi Garrison touched Levilia’s little head: “Don’t worry, Dad is looking for a way to cure you now. We’ll talk about the Hydra…”

Hearing this, Levilia was relieved, and then fell asleep.

Her narcolepsy is getting worse.

This is clearly a symptom of poison.

They are nibbling away Levilia, making Levilia sleepy as a last resort…

the next day.

The Brain of God has come.

First, he scolded Hydra and War Bear Kingdom.

“Actually, you and I are just tools used by others, but don’t use our identities to do things, or you won’t know how to die!”

“I realize more and more that we are tools. It is estimated that the War Bear Congress will push us to a dangerous place in the future. When someone kills us, the War Bear Congress will use this to start a war! We are the most honorable guests, who moves? It is to be the enemy of the War Bear Country!”

The mind of God has analyzed a situation.

The War Bears will use their lives as a reason to go to war.

In fact, many forces now want to go to war, especially for places like Daxia where there is no god.

Countless people are watching.

There is no reason to go to war.

But the dark doctors can count them as reasons.

For example, the Dark Doctor and the Brain of God died innocently in Daxia.

The War Bear Kingdom went to war for this reason (Daxia killed the reborn parents all over the world, and the guests of countless gods).

Levi Garrison sneered: “They sheltered Hydra, I have written down this hatred.”


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