The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3086

Some major forces have predicted that the Amazon rainforest has natural dangers, and even if the gods enter, it will be difficult to escape.

Not to mention others.

So go to the Amazon rainforest to survive.

It was only halfway through that the mind of God remembered this question.

It’s not that he is worried about Levi Garrison’s strength, but this level of forbidden area is indeed a bit scary.

Hundreds of beasts comparable to gods, who knows what it looks like.

He also understood, no wonder other people rarely know about Shengquan.

Or that it didn’t spread at all.

There must be many people who know about the holy spring, but the holy spring is deep in the Amazon rainforest. Who dares to go?

That’s a first-class forbidden area!

You will go only if you are looking for death!

Not to mention ordinary people.

Even a god would not dare to go.

Therefore, even if someone knows about this holy spring, it is estimated that they will not take it to heart and mention it.

After all, you can’t do it yourself.

It has nothing to do with your own interests, so why bother.

If this holy spring was easy to find, this group of people would have gone crazy looking for it.

Not that there is no information yet.

However, this area was listed as a first-level forbidden area, and this holy spring was known.

But it’s no use knowing.

Ten lives can’t drink a sip of spring water, even for the gods.

Who else wants to go? ? ?

But there are people who really want to go!

In order to improve their own strength, some gods are willing to go here to accumulate combat experience.

If you can enter and exit the first-level forbidden area without dying, your combat power will definitely be greatly improved.

For example, there will be many god-level powerhouses coming to War Bear Kingdom this time.

Of course, they didn’t want to level this first-level forbidden area.

That would be too expensive.

At least three or four hundred gods must come.

Now the purpose is to come to the first-level forbidden area to experience and improve their own strength.

Not many gods came.

Forty or fifty or so.

Basically, they act alone, or in groups of two or three gods.

In addition to the gods, there are many masters who are about to become gods this time, and there are many young masters with potential.

It is said that it has something to do with the Hydra people’s plan to create a god…

This holy spring can play a vital role, so they are determined to get the holy spring.

After all, with this holy spring, everything else can be done with half the effort.

Not comparable to other resources.

It is estimated that they want to use the resources of this place to artificially create gods.

High profile!

Now Zhanxiong Nation is acting in a high profile and doesn’t take anyone in the eye at all.

They announce everything in a high profile!

It’s as if he’s telling people – come and hit me!

The message was also quickly known to the Brain of God.

“Okay, very good! Whoever dares to attack Shengquan’s idea, kill Wushe!”

Levi Garrison said coldly.



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