The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3089

The War Bear Kingdom is huge and professional.

They have a god who has animal genes in his body, half-human, half-beast state.

Therefore, this god has a super sense of fierce beasts.

Especially after this spiritual recovery.

This became his talent.

When War Bear Nation invaded the forbidden area, he had to be present to sense how many god-level beasts existed.

As soon as this situation appeared, the god immediately noticed it.

“It’s messed up! It’s messed up everywhere! I can feel thousands of beasts scurrying around, and they seem to be stimulated by something!”

“This… God-level beasts are among them… This… one, two, three…”

The god himself was stunned.

After the induction, he was terrified at the end.

Can’t count.

“This… It’s very likely that all the god-level beasts in the entire rainforest are running around! They seem to be stimulated in some way, even life-threatening, so they are running around…”


When the others heard it, their faces changed wildly.

“There are expected to be hundreds of god-level beasts here. All of them are running around? What are they stimulated by? What are they threatened?”

People were very puzzled.

The god with the blood of beasts carefully perceived: “No, I feel their fear! They are all afraid, even god-level beasts. They flee because of fear and life-threatening! Their Restless because of fear…”

“What??? Fear?”

“What exactly exists here? Is it a treasure of heaven and earth? Or a more powerful beast?”


Everyone is guessing.

What the hell is going on here? ? ?

Analyzed for a while.

These leaders of the War Bear Kingdom think that there is a super beast in the Amazon rainforest.

Stronger than everyone realizes…

After all, studies have shown that beasts absorb Reiki better than humans.

It is not impossible for a super terrifying existence to appear.

Because the gods of the War Bear Kingdom are so big.

It even came to a conclusion that after this spiritual qi recovery, there is no upper limit.

This means that there will be existences that even “gods” cannot define.

Therefore, the people of War Bear Kingdom understand that there is an extremely powerful existence in this rainforest.

“Be careful, all parties are careful! It’s better to evacuate on the spot!”

“If you are in danger, call for help as soon as possible, and everyone will help each other to evacuate…”

Faced with this situation, the War Bear Kingdom has already formulated a plan to retreat.


Many forces have already encountered beasts, even god-level beasts.

These ferocious beasts directly entered a violent and bloodthirsty state, and launched the most violent attack on these people.

Countless casualties at one time.

If you are lucky enough to encounter one or two god-level beasts, you can still escape.

Unlucky, encountered a dozen or so god-level beasts at one time, and the entire army was directly wiped out.

Even if there are no god-level vicious beasts, thousands of vicious beasts appear directly, which can destroy the major forces…

Even with the guidance of the War Bear State, many teams still encountered beasts.


Fights are everywhere!

But it also worked wonders.

Levi Garrison and the others did not encounter any obstacles along the way.

These people may have met, but now they are entangled by fierce beasts.

And the fierce beasts took a detour when they smelled Levi Garrison’s breath…

In this way, Levi Garrison has no obstacles in front of him.

Occasionally, some fierce beasts did not stop the car, and when they encountered Levi Garrison, they panicked and ran away.

It was so miserable.

The Brain of God looked at Levi Garrison suspiciously: “Mr. Ye, can you control these beasts?”

Doctor Dark smiled: “No, they are afraid of Mr. Ye!”

God’s brain suddenly understood something, and looked at Levi Garrison in disbelief: “Could it be that the rainforest has changed so much because…”

Halfway through, he was too shocked to speak.

Traveling through the entire rainforest, several people finally came to the location of this holy spring.


They just arrived.

A powerful breath swept across.

Almost overturned the Dark Doctor and the others.

It turned out that there were seven powerful beasts around this holy spring.


Is the most powerful overlord in this rainforest!

They forcibly occupied this holy spring to nourish themselves.

One of the pythons already has 70 to 80% of the strength of the one that Levi Garrison encountered just after coming out of the Antarctic.

At first, Levi Garrison wondered why these beasts stayed where they were?

Can’t you feel his breath?

Soon he found that the breath was isolated.

The spirit of this place is too strong.

As expected of a small super spiritual vein, it actually isolates the breath.

Otherwise, how could these beasts be the overlords here.

If you smell Levi Garrison’s breath, you’ll have to go crazy! ! !



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