The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3091

But this holy spring transformed him.

“This effect is too good, right? It’s much better than the heaven and earth treasures we encountered before!”

Doctor Dark exclaimed.


It was a big surprise for Levi Garrison!

Shengquan was unexpected, even better than he had imagined.

Completely a medicinal spring.

There is another piece of spiritual vein nourishment, which is simply against the sky.

It’s possible to come back to life…

What’s more, this holy spring is still being nourished by the spiritual veins, and it will be even better.

“What about Levilia? Is it delicious?”

asked the Brain of God.

“No, just soak it!”

“Your Majesty!”

After Levi Garrison awakened Levilia, he directly let Levilia enter the medicine spring.

In this way, the medicinal power can be absorbed too much.

Levilia’s entire body was soaked in the medicinal spring.

“It might hurt, just bear with it…”

Levi Garrison reminded.

“Okay, Dad!”

Levilia gritted his teeth.

In an instant, the medicinal power of the holy spring penetrated into Levilia’s limbs and bones.

Levilia immediately suffered extreme pain, and at this moment, the body she couldn’t control came back.

Every pain nerve in my body has returned…

This pain is more than anything Levilia has endured before.

When she practiced, she was actually tempering herself.

Endured unimaginable pain.

But compared with the current medicinal power entering the body, it is far worse.

Levilia was bubbling with gas all over his body.

Levilia even hurt to the dense bloodshot face, and the whole person was twisted.

But it was quickly replaced by colorful toxins…

It seems that the medicinal power is detoxifying…

Levi Garrison waited nervously beside him, and he would do anything when Levilia had something to do.

Seeing Levilia enduring this extreme pain, Levi Garrison felt distressed.

Tears could not stop falling.

Levilia is still a child…

Doctor Dark also saw his scalp tingling.

He has been dissecting his whole life and understands the stages of pain.

Now, Levilia endured almost the highest level of pain.

After all, every place on Levilia’s body, every pore, is suffering extreme pain.

“Hold on! You must hold on!”

The three stood by Levilia.

Levilia has been enduring extreme pain.

But gradually Levi Garrison’s brows relaxed.


Sure enough, the direction of the second half of the Poison Sutra was right!

There are treasures of heaven and earth that can solve all poisons at one time.

Now this holy spring is obviously…

I can clearly feel that the medicinal power of the holy spring is dissolving toxins…

Even if the effect is not particularly significant, it is indeed resolved little by little…


It really works!


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