The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3092

The previous golden magic medicine had a little effect, and Levi Garrison had to feel it carefully.

But now it’s really working.

Even the naked eye can see that the toxin is being forced out a little bit.

Faced with this situation, Levi Garrison began to be ecstatic.

Really useful!

At this rate, after a period of time, the poison on Levilia’s body can’t be solved at all, but at least half of it can be solved.

Moreover, you must know that this medicinal spring is still absorbing the exploding spiritual veins. If it is completely absorbed, the medicinal power will be even more different.

Even soaking for a long time does not necessarily remove the poison on Levilia’s body.

“Puff puff……”

At this moment, this medicinal spring is also boiling, and small bubbles are emerging.

Everyone has also seen how terrifying this most powerful poison is…

Because the medicinal power is to dissolve toxins, the water in the medicinal spring is losing the medicinal power of the essence…

In layman’s terms, the essence of the spring water is being absorbed by Leviliazheng, and this spring is turning into ordinary spring water.

After being absorbed by Levilia, I am afraid it will become an ordinary spring.

No effect at all.

Fortunately, this holy spring nourished for an unknown time.

According to information, it is said to have been nourished for at least a thousand years.

The medicinal power contained in the spring water is too amazing to be absorbed by Levilia quickly.

And there is also a burst of spiritual nourishment below.

It is estimated that this holy spring can last for a period of time and can remove most of Levilia’s toxins.

Of course, it also shows how domineering this toxin is.

A sip of the medicinal spring that has nourished it for at least a thousand years is still nourished by the spiritual veins, and it can’t be dissolved.

It’s going to be a long time…

But the current effect is much better for Levi Garrison.

This is the only hope that the naked eye has ever seen.

But Levilia was really in extreme pain, and let out a heart-piercing cry.

“Huh? Someone actually arrived early?”

Just then.

One after another figure appeared.

The strong teams of War Bear Country are slowly gathering.

The other “rabble crowds” couldn’t predict where the beasts would appear, so they bumped around and integrated the beasts to fight.

However, there is a small team commanded by the rear of Zhanxiongguo. They have gods to detect holy springs and gods to perceive beasts.

Although the journey was still difficult, at least they survived all the way and found the location of the holy spring.

In their opinion, no matter how many people come in, only they can find the holy spring.

Can never imagine.

Someone got here one step ahead.

“Isn’t this Levi Garrison? Why are they here?”

Everyone recognized Levi Garrison and his party at a glance.

When they saw Levilia soaking in the holy spring, these people reacted immediately.

“No, Levi Garrison brought his daughter to Shengquan to detoxify…”

Now Hydra is in War Bear Country.

Therefore, everyone in Zhanxiong Nation knew that Levilia was poisoned.

A group of people rushed up.

Seeing them, Levi Garrison said coldly, “Is everyone here? I want to kill them all!”

Dare to disturb my daughter’s treatment.

Everyone will be killed!

Especially when they also shelter Hydra!


With so many powerhouses in the War Eagle Nation coming together, Levi Garrison’s face was full of excitement.


The warriors of the War Eagle Nation who were rushing towards them were all stunned.

Let them all come together?

Then kill them all?

Why is this Levi Garrison?

What right do you have to say such a big thing?

However, the powerhouses of Zhanxiong Nation had to gather together, even the team that controlled and dominated everything from the rear had to come.

Moreover, the speed of this group of people is very fast, and it is estimated that all of them will gather within a few minutes.


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