The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3093

“Levi Garrison, what are you doing??? Dare to let your daughter soak in the holy spring! Your daughter has soiled the holy spring! Get out now!”

“Yes, the holy spring is so holy and supreme, your daughter can’t even take a sip, let alone soak it in it! This is a dirty holy spring! The holy spring does not allow any contamination with stolen goods!”

The two young strong men who stepped forward first shouted directly.

In the eyes of the people of War Bear Country, the holy spring is their own.

The others were determined not to move.

Levi Garrison said nothing, just looked at them.

next second.

He just disappeared in place.

When he reappeared, he directly slammed into the two young powerhouses.



Accompanied by the screams, the two threw them high and backward, like a kite with a broken string.

It’s like being hit by a high-speed plane.

“Bang bang…”

After the two landed, they didn’t move.

I saw their flesh and blood was blurred, and they had no appearance at all.

In layman’s terms, two pools of flesh and blood…

People are already dead.


No one thought that Levi Garrison would do something.

The key is that he is still very strong, these two geniuses just died.

A dozen young powerhouses in front of them watched their companions die, and immediately yelled at Levi Garrison: “You are so brave, you…”

It’s just that halfway through his words, he felt a pressure from the top of Mount Tai, and he seemed to be locked up.

Except for a little consciousness, no other parts of the body can move.


Shadows appear on the retina.

Others have already flown out.

It feels like the soul and body are being ripped apart.

The same goes for other young strong men.

They still wanted to warn him, but Levi Garrison didn’t talk nonsense at all, and hit him directly.

Suddenly, a dozen people flew out.

They didn’t see clearly how Levi Garrison made his move.

“Bang bang bang…”

There were more than a dozen corpses on the ground, and the powerhouses of the War Bear Country behind them reacted.

“I just said why you were able to find the holy spring before us, it turns out that you really have the ability!”

Everyone reacted one by one.

Levi Garrison was not as weak as they thought.

Rather strong.

Although killing these dozen people had the element of a sneak attack, it was strong enough.

It seems that if you don’t move the gods, you can’t kill him.

The key point is that there is no aura lingering on him, indicating that he has not been baptized by aura radiation.

He is so strong, he must have trained on his own.

But in front of them, killing so many geniuses is a shame!

Everyone was blushing and angry.

“Levi Garrison, you are finished!”

To dare to kill the genius of Zhanxiong Nation is to obliterate the future of Zhanxiong Nation.

How is it possible to live?

They even looked at the two doctors in the dark behind: “Don’t look at you as the guests of honor, but that is our decision! We can control your life and death! Since you choose to be with him, stay here forever today. here!”

Not only did they want to kill Levi Garrison.

Also kill two dark doctors.

“Da da da……”

The sound of footsteps sounded, and more and more warriors from the War Bear Kingdom came here.

In the end, even the rear team came.

All the people who came to experience this time in War Bear Kingdom gathered together.

“We’re all here, don’t you want to kill them all?”


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