The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3094

The people of Zhanxiong Nation looked at Levi Garrison grimly.


The War Bear Kingdom has been arrogant to the extreme recently, ignoring anyone.

Especially one Levi Garrison.

Can you fight again?

To be able to compete with a god is already against the sky, right?

So far, I have never heard of anyone comparing the radiant energy of aura with the gods!

Even if Levi Garrison can fight now, what if he can compete with the gods?

Now all the teams in the War Bear Kingdom add up to fifty-five gods.

The other five or six hundred powerhouses are also full of talents, and some have high hopes. Many of them can be artificially created into gods through the methods provided by Hydra.

With such a powerful team, what if Levi Garrison can fight again?

Not looking for death?

“Okay, I killed more than a dozen of us! Today you and your daughter are going to die!”

The gods who came later were furious when they found out about this.

Facing the fifty-five gods and hundreds of superpowers in front of him, Levi Garrison glanced at him and said, “Are you all together?”

“All right, what’s wrong? They’re all here!”

Several people asked subconsciously.

“Okay, then I’ll start killing, all have to die!”

Levi Garrison’s voice fell.

“Divine Tribulation” was suspended in front of him, making a turbulent trembling sound.

“Can you kill a god with just one sword? Ridiculous…”

A god sneered disdainfully.


But he didn’t finish laughing, a bloody arrow shot, and his head was gone.

The corpse is separated! ! !

This is what no one thought of.

A god was killed by a sword like this?

Without waiting for their reaction, Shen Jie continued to shuttle.

Too fast to capture…




The blood lines are rippling and intertwined, just like the lines of ink painting.

It can be accompanied by the separation of the body and the head, and the balls are thrown up and down…

That is the picture that was passed through by the gods.

Everyone could not resist, and even said that they could not capture the trajectory of the divine calamity at all.

Everyone didn’t react, and their heads fell…

Divine Tribulation is an indiscriminate bombardment, shuttling through the crowd, unstoppable.




a hundred……

Some people in the War Bear Country team continued to fall.

Death is horrific!

But they didn’t react at all.

Now that Levi Garrison controls the divine robbery, it is completely covered bombing.

They don’t specifically pick people and deliberately avoid powerhouses such as gods.

But kill whoever is in front of you!

Not only other strong men, but also gods.

My god robbery directly kills!

Just a human head.

It doesn’t matter.

Divine Tribulation continues to shuttle.

Finally, a stronger god began to react, displaying all kinds of tricks, mobilizing the most powerful aura, and turning it into the strongest shield or ultimate move to block the divine calamity.


It’s just that Shen Jie simply ignores their defenses, no matter how strong the shield and how strong the ultimate move, Shen Jie directly pierces it with a sword.

Immediately take the god’s head away.

Can’t stop!

It can’t stop the calamity at all!

All the gods started to resist, and other strong people who could react to it also joined the counterattack.


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