The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3095



But you have thousands of changes, and the gods are still killed with one sword.

“Unite, unite…”

This group of gods tried to unite to deal with the calamity.

The top ten gods united together to hold up a protective cover.


But this time it was even worse.

Divine Tribulation penetrates ten gods at once!

Ten heads thrown up high…


So shocking!

Divine Tribulation continues to kill indiscriminately…

This group of people showed their best skills, but they were all to no avail.

It can’t stop the power of God’s Tribulation at all!

Three hundred fell:

Four hundred fell;

Five hundred fell:

Finally, under the beheading of Divine Tribulation, there is no one standing in front of me…

Kill everyone with one sword!

Doctor Dark, they were all dumbfounded!

The whole army is wiped out!

There are a total of fifty-five gods in the War Bear Kingdom plus six or seven hundred powerhouses (many of them still have the potential to become gods).

They were all killed by Levi Garrison’s sword.

It took only a minute before and after this, and they all died.

Not a single one was left.

Whether it is a god or a strong man, all it takes is one sword in Levi Garrison.

Levi Garrison withdrew the calamity expressionlessly, as if he had done a very common thing.

The two doctors in the dark were shaking.

That is fifty-five gods and hundreds of elite powerhouses!

There are about ten gods in the country of Lynx and the country of Julu.

It is equivalent to Levi Garrison beheading five lynx countries at one time.

Even if the eleventh-ranked Dongdao has a total of hundreds, it will be half of them next time.

In fact, Levi Garrison has done a super big thing that caused a sensation in the world.

But here he is so understated.

It’s as simple as eating and drinking.

This time, they finally understood why Levi Garrison ignored Zhanxiong Kingdom.

This is capital.

Levi Garrison walked back to the holy spring step by step, and said lightly: “They should have treasures and the like on them, and they can all be divided up.”

Hearing Levi Garrison’s reminder.

The two reacted immediately, ran up to search, and divided all the treasures on them.

Now the War Bear Kingdom is extremely powerful, and it is also very rich.

All kinds of heaven and earth treasures, all kinds of equipment are available.

The two gained too much.

After the two searched.

Levi Garrison coughed lightly.

Those overlord-level beasts that disappeared before actually appeared in the back.

The two doctors in the dark were puzzled for a while.

The next moment, they understood.

This group of overlord-level beasts understood what Levi Garrison meant, and even swept away all the corpses.

In an instant, the field was much cleaner.

Apart from the blood, there was no other corpse left.

The body of the beast is a treasure to everyone, especially the god-level ones.

Then the corresponding human strong body is also a treasure to them.

This is Levi Garrison’s gift to them.


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