The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3096

Seeing the doubts of God’s Brain, Levi Garrison said lightly: “Resurrection of spiritual energy has also opened up their intelligence, and they are smarter than some people!”

to this.

Doctors of Darkness are qualified to speak.

He has studied too many creatures, too many psychic ones.

What weird and shocking things have you seen?

This is nothing in front of me.

Levi Garrison returned to Shengquan to continue to protect Levilia.

At this moment, Levilia has passed out of pain.

Still in good condition.

The medicinal power of the holy spring continues to detoxify toxins…

Although the toxin is dissolved very slowly, the effect is still there.

In the end, no matter how much it resolves, it has always been beneficial to Levilia.

According to the current effect.

At least it can defuse half of the poison on Levilia’s body.

Doctor Dark also expected the same.

“This poison is too cruel! Such a mouthful of medicinal spring can only dissolve half of it!”

Doctor Dark sighed.

Levi Garrison said: “But it also shows that it has an effect. If it can resolve half of it, we can find other ways or treasures!”

The dark doctor nodded fiercely: “Yes, if I find another magical medicine similar to this holy spring! Levilia can really recover!”

“Yes, in fact, according to the current situation! I am sure! At least in the short term, I can control the situation of Levilia!”

Levi Garrison is very confident.

Then continue to search.

But soon his face changed.

Because the holy spring is a problem.

He can’t dig it out.

The holy spring can only be in this place, and it must be continuously nourished by the spiritual veins below.

This holy spring cannot be moved.

Levilia can only be soaked here all the time…

And Levi Garrison had to find other treasures.

This is how to do?


Levi Garrison looked at the dark doctor…

But he sighed, Doctor Dark couldn’t keep Levilia.

He really had to keep it.

He can leave in a short time, and as soon as Levilia is in danger, he can come back directly.

If he leaves for a long time or he is entangled in something and can’t come back at the first time, it will be troublesome.

Really have to find some strong people to guard here.

Levi Garrison was thinking carefully.

There are really suitable candidates.

Doctor Dark also understood this. He looked at Levi Garrison and asked, “Do you already have a suitable candidate?”

“Well, next I need to go outside and find them!”

Levi Garrison said.

at this time.

There was a sparse noise in the deep forest behind.

someone is coming.

The next second, a group of more than 20 people appeared.

Bloodstained all over, embarrassed.

There are four god-level people in this group. Except for the nine old people who are almost god-level, they are all young geniuses.

Apparently they had just come here after a tough battle.

Belong to the leader of the forces to come.

Don’t look at the embarrassment of this group of people, but in fact, after the war, everyone’s combat power has been improved.

Even these four gods.

They are from the empire on which the sun never sets.

And these young people are members of the royal family, and they are the key training objects of the empire on which the sun never sets.

In fact, there were eight gods who followed and protected them. In the battle just now, four gods and more than 20 strong men were lost.

Now finally came to the location of the holy spring.

“This is ours! Hahaha…”

The crowd burst into arrogant smiles.

“The country as strong as the war bear didn’t come early, and they must have been trapped by these beasts!”

These people have acquiesced that the holy spring is theirs.

Completely ignored Levi Garrison and several others.

Just as they were about to rush over to carve up the holy spring, a group of people in the jungle next to them also rushed out.


“The Robben Empire???”


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