The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3103


Terrifying to the extreme!

Young Marshal Tian Ce actually killed the sky and the earth, blocking Xingguo’s team.

This is unprecedented.

This matter was quickly known by the stars in the rear.

Especially Lee Sung Min.

She is in charge of this project.

Faced with this situation, she said coldly: “I must not give him any chance! Give him a chance, it may be our trouble in the future!”

“Send forty gods! Let me see if he can hold back?”


Star Nation sent forty gods at one time, plus the previous ten, it was equal to fifty gods.

This is half the power of the Star Kingdom.

Use half of your power to kill Marshal Tiance.

This situation is really big.

However, the current form is also an arrow in the air for Xingguo.

Soon forty gods came to join forces with the previous ten gods to deal with the young marshal of Tian Ce…

This time the format is really different.

According to the strength of Marshal Tian Ce, he could at most be able to fight twenty-five to thirty gods.

Of course, if you can, you will be seriously injured.

But now there are fifty gods.

Marshal Tian Ce soon fell behind.


After a fierce battle, his indestructible body was broken, and the whole person flew out.

Fifty gods are too powerful.

Young Marshal Tian Ce did everything he could…

Got knocked out three times in a row.

Young Marshal Tian Ce couldn’t get up again, and the indestructible body of King Kong was broken.

There’s really nothing he can do now.

“Kill him! Enter Daxia directly!”

An order came from the rear of the star country.

At this time, Marshal Tiance sneered: “You call for the supporter, and I can also call for the supporter!”

“Do you know who my master is?”

Young Marshal Tian Ce did not know that his master was Levi Garrison.

In his cognition, Master is a very mysterious existence.

Even the great power of Zhen Mosi or Tianshifu.

The main reason is that King Kong’s Indestructible Magic is so amazing, and he is more and more horrified when he has practiced it like this.

I remembered the ease when Master taught him the Vajra Indestructible Technique.

It gave him the illusion that the master was a terrifying existence that Daxia could not hide.

Especially in the later period, there were rumors of Zhenmo Division and Tianshifu.

He decided that his master might be one of these two types of forces.

Therefore, he felt that in times of crisis, Master would definitely appear.

Tiance Shenshuai is in a hurry.

Where did you come from, master?

Isn’t your master Levi Garrison?


Even if Levi Garrison really has an invincible appearance.

But at this moment he should be busy detoxifying his daughter, how can he come here?

It will never appear in Daxia!

“Your master?”

However, a word from Young Commander Tian Ce scared the Xingguo group enough.

After all, things are different now.

Daxia had no gods.

As soon as they came, such a strong one appeared directly.

Now that I hear this man say that there is a master behind him, who is not afraid? ? ?

He is so great.

Who knows how strong his master is?

What about Zhen Mosi and Tianshifu?

If only these two categories existed.

That star country is completely over!

Therefore, he looked at Marshal Tian Ce and questioned.

“That’s right! My master! I can also call back!”

Marshal Tian Ce said coldly.

a time.

After hearing that Young Commander Tian Ce had a backer, all fifty gods were afraid.

What if the terrifying existence behind Daxia really explodes?

so what should I do now?

At that time, they will all die, and Xingguo will be placed in a terrible situation.

They panic!

The message also quickly spread to the rear of the star country.

Everyone’s idea is the same.

Everyone is discussing this matter, and they are all guessing whether there is a god behind Daxia.

But Li Chengmin frowned and said lightly, “He does have a master! But his master is Levi Garrison!”

Li Chengmin still knows about the previous things.

In particular, Daxia’s one-fingered master, the new head of the Ye family’s ancient clan, no one else knows who it is.

She knows it all.

It was Levi Garrison.

That is, the master of Young Commander Tian Ce.

Everyone reacted when they heard this.


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