The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3106

Blood spilled on the summer border…

Just how did this sword penetrate more than 2,000 people in an instant? ? ?

The speed of this sword is so fast that no one can catch it, including all gods.

Of course think about it.

This flying sword can easily kill even the No. 50 gods, and it is no problem to penetrate more than 2,000 people at one time.

This is definitely the most shocking thing everyone has seen…

Who said Daxia has no gods?

Didn’t this come out?

It doesn’t matter if Young Commander Tian Ce is so strong.

His backing master is so strong!

You must know that from the beginning to the end, everyone has never seen who shot it.

He didn’t seem to be there at all.

Controlling this sword in the dark will kill the Quartet!


No one would have thought that Daxia would have such a terrifying existence!

The legend is true! ! !

Daxia’s Town Demon Division and Tianshi Mansion exist!

This way of manipulating swordsmanship is definitely something that exists in Qi practice or the magic-suppressing division.

Someone has seen such a method in the records of the Suppression Division!

Daxia is a forbidden place!

No one can invade Daxia!

How about the recovery of spiritual energy?

What if there are gods?

Daxia is not a place you should break into!

What if Daxia collectively avoided the aura recovery? ? ?

Daxia has no gods!

But Daxia has the existence of beheading gods!

This battle shocked the world!

From now on, everyone will know that Daxia is a forbidden place.

Even if there is no god, no one will make Da Xia’s idea again.

It is estimated that those forces that are just around the corner will all be dispelled.

Even the War Bear Kingdom has to weigh it up and make a new plan.

Even to scrap the plan.

It is estimated that it is necessary to re-examine Daxia.

Only when you have a clear picture of Daxia’s situation can you dare to do anything.

And Xingguo was really frightened.

To be the first to eat an apple is to take risks.

no doubt.

The situation now is that they have to take risks.

So many people died.

Especially when half of the gods in the country have fallen.

Greatly hurt!

This is irreparable…

They will be out of breath for a long time.

Originally ranked 13th in the world.

After this battle, it is estimated to be forty or fifty…

Everything this summer brings to the world is too shocking.

It is absolutely unstoppable!

Everyone in Daxia wept with joy.

It turns out that there really are guardians in the shadows of Daxia…

Young Marshal Tian Ce was the most excited, shouting to the sky: “Master, please show up and see… My disciple misses you. My disciple has already practiced the King Kong Indestructible Skill to a new level…”

Tiance Shenshuai and everyone in Daxia also looked at the air curiously.

Of course, no one now wants to know what kind of existence this is.

The whole world is watching…

Just no response at all!


The sword also flew into the air with a trembling sound, and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

This sword is naturally a calamity!

When Marshal Tiance was in danger earlier, Levi Garrison just came to Daxia.

Because he was in a hurry, he went to find the strong man who guarded Levilia.

So he couldn’t show up directly.

So while he was on his way, he manipulated the gods to kill the gods of the star kingdom.

It’s not that he has any sword skills…

Purely because he is powerful, pure power controls everything.

For him, the sword is just an auxiliary tool.

He is far away from where he was just now, where can he hear the call of Tian Ce Young Commander.

He was also anxious to find someone to guard Levilia.

Shortly after.

Shen Jie caught up with Levi Garrison.

Levi Garrison found that Shen Jie seemed to be more powerful.

It seems that Divine Tribulation has to be nourished with battle and blood…


The person Levi Garrison is looking for has arrived…


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