The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3110

Half of them are extremely fast and can escape in time.

The other half relies on the body technique to hide, like a ghost.

They are the most suitable to explore this dangerous place.

As soon as the situation arises, they will evacuate.

They didn’t come to fight, they just came to check the situation.

I have to say that Zhanxiong is rich and powerful.

Others are gods and can’t make up a few in total.

War Bear Kingdom is available in all categories.

It’s amazing how they can be classified in this way.

A group of thirteen people entered the rainforest.

Keep a certain distance, show your abilities, and explore the depths.

Several people are known for their speed and movement, and they came to the vicinity of the holy spring without knowing it.

But found nothing.

Going further, they came to the location of the holy spring.

I saw Levilia.

This made a huge wave in their hearts.

How could I have thought that this matter had something to do with Levi Garrison.

But in the next second, they fell into the encirclement of beasts.

Several overlord-level beasts were dispatched directly.

After anticipating the danger, the thirteen people fled immediately by relying on their movement skills and speed.

Although the beasts are numerous, they may not be able to stop them.

But at this time, figures suddenly appeared around.

more and more.

Stop thirteen people.

No matter how fast the speed of the thirteen people is, how ingenious their movements are.

Under the ambush of eighty strong men, it is also useless.

After Jiao Tianyu’s 80 people appeared, there was no chance for them.

Kill them all on the spot.

If you dare to come to the Holy Land, you are the enemy.

This is an order from Levi Garrison.

They must protect Levilia well from being threatened and hurt a little bit.

War Bear Kingdom has been waiting.

But when you lose contact.

They also already understand.

This place is not to be broken into…

However, the War Bear Kingdom classified this matter as a secret.

Don’t let anyone know.

Never let outsiders know that they have suffered losses here.

Even this place can be their weapon.

the next few days.

Levi Garrison and his party are exploring.

Specially find forbidden places to explore.

After all, Shengquan has tasted the sweetness here.

Even explored three first-level forbidden areas.

Although I found a lot of heaven and earth treasures, after all, it is a little worse than the holy spring level.

As of now, it is of no use to Levilia’s body.

This is also expected.

Originally, exploring in the forbidden area is just a matter of luck, luck is good and bad.

But the things I found were not wasted.

Under the action of these treasures of heaven and earth, the strength of the dark doctor and the brain of God has been continuously improved.

In particular, Doctor Dark easily became a god-level powerhouse.

Under the guidance of Levi Garrison and Doctor Dark, God’s Brain also became a strong man.

Although not god-level.

But he uses skills or exercises to maximize his own strength, and he can also fight against the gods.

The number of natural treasures that Levi Garrison and the three of them now possess is comparable to that of the top ten countries.

even more.

There are some things that even War Bear Country does not have.

After all, there is no one like them who wants to enter and leave the forbidden area, even the first-level forbidden area is no exception.

In this way, the more dangerous places are, the easier it is to produce treasures.

They can be said to be rich and oily.

Many aura crystals could not be obtained, and a lot of them were given up.

“Mr. Ye, after this period of exploration, you must have discovered the pattern too! In all parts of the world, those listed as forbidden places have a higher chance of appearing natural treasures. The Earth Treasure will be even more powerful!”

“Therefore, I think our next direction should be in the first-level forbidden area. The second-level forbidden area and the third-level forbidden area are pure waste!”

Dark Doctor suggested.


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