The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3112

The huge vortex is still surrounded by spiritual energy, after all, the super spiritual veins below have not completely exploded.

There is even a lot of spiritual energy left.

Levi Garrison quickly sank from the vortex.

He prayed in his heart that he could find the treasures of heaven and earth.


If you can’t find this place.

Then he would panic.

All the way down, the spiritual energy gradually became stronger and stronger, like a wind blade, tearing and strangling.

Even the physique of the gods will collapse in an instant.

This super spirit vein is too strong.

Change the world like this.

Still have such a terrifying amount of storage.

It’s even continuing to produce…


Finally, Levi Garrison came to the position where the super spiritual vein burst out.

Instead of being pitch-dark, it’s as bright as day.

This is naturally the role of aura.

Below is the location of the super spiritual vein.

It was also Levi Garrison’s first visit…

When the outbreak was stopped in the first place, there was no time to get up close and personal with this.

Coming here is like entering a cave.

On the rock wall outside the entrance, there are stalactites nourished by aura and water droplets nourished by aura.

A drop of water is like a magic medicine!

Levi Garrison stood at the entrance, looking at the huge gap.

This gap is already a kilometer long…

It is surrounded by thick rock walls.

The thickness and hardness of this rock wall is terrifying.

It is estimated that it has accumulated little by little over thousands of years.

Otherwise, for such a long time, this spiritual vein will be stable.

It was later blown up by the flying machine of the Brain of God.

But in fact, it was just a small opening, and it was only expanded into a kilometer-long opening at the back.

Levi Garrison entered it.

This super spiritual vein can be compared to a mine that stretches for thousands of miles.

The mine is sealed, and it is full of rich spiritual energy.

It’s just that most of the aura has been exploded now.

But there was still a terrifying aura in it.

I just saw some water droplets nourished on the rock wall outside, which greatly boosted Levi Garrison’s confidence.

It’s the same on the rock walls outside.

Wouldn’t it be easier inside?


As soon as he entered, a terrifying aura storm swept over.

Even if most of the spiritual energy of this super spiritual vein is released.

But even the remaining one percent, one in ten million, cannot be stopped by manpower.

It cannot be absorbed by the human body.

What’s more, there’s more than that left.


The environment in the super spiritual vein is extremely harsh!

After coming inside, Levi Garrison’s face changed, and at the same time, his heart was stunned.

With this level of aura, no creature will survive.

It’s impossible now, let alone the super spiritual veins of the past.

He was wrong.

Originally, I thought that the richer the spiritual energy, the more nourishing the treasures of heaven and earth.

But there is a limit.

If the aura is too wild, there is no room for these heavenly treasures to survive.

To grow a plant, it would be against the sky.

But basically that’s not possible.

The environment is too harsh, the aura is too strong, and any creature is wiped out.

It is impossible to have the appearance of heaven and earth treasures.

However, Levi Garrison kept going deep inside.

It’s hard to come, he can’t leave so soon.

The deeper you go into the spiritual veins, the stronger the spiritual energy.

That is, the current Levi Garrison can handle it, even if it was the previous he may not be able to see it.

I don’t know how long it will take.

A heat wave hit the sky inside.

Don’t look at Levi Garrison’s face and don’t change his face, but with the horror of this heat wave, he can melt a god into a chain.

It turned out that in this area where Levi Garrison came, the rich spiritual energy has condensed into flames.

This is different from the flames outside, which is a powerful form of aura.

Everything can be burned.

If Levi Garrison could control these flames, no amount of gods could stop him.

But he doesn’t need it.

Levi Garrison forcibly resisted the aura attack in the form of flames and continued to deepen.

Next, he encountered the aura in the form of ice, the power of which was the same as the flame just now.


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