The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4026

Chapter 4026 Advantage In Numbers

After a lengthy discussion between Levi and Sylvan, Wilma asked Sylvan to go to her room and give him an account of what had happened at Lightspring that day.

He immediately frowned and said, “The Cordierite Association is most likely behind this since they are the only one capable of hiring the assassins from Skull Mire. These people are too despicable. It seems that the Cordierite Association won’t give up easily. I’m afraid they will continue to inflict these tricks on us in the future. It’ll be difficult to defend ourselves since they hide in the dark while we’re easy targets out in the open.”

Wilma nodded. “Not to mention Levi is equipped with top pill-crafting and forging techniques. Once others know about this, the situation will spiral out of control. By then, it’ll be even more difficult to convince Levi to join us. Everyone should hurry up and devise a plan to keep him under our wings.”

In fact, Wilma had already treated Levi as their most loyal servant, especially since he was an expert in pill-crafting and forging weapons.

It would be a great loss for them not to bring him back to their headquarters.

After a thorough discussion, everyone decided to come clean to Levi. Following that, Wilma met with Levi again.

“Mr. Garrison, we suspect the Cordierite Association hired those assassins. To ensure nothing goes wrong, I think you should return to the headquarters with us,” she suggested.

Levi waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. If they aren’t afraid of dying, they can try to kill me as they please.”

He had steeled his resolution of never becoming the Prime Association’s tool.

Besides, since the Cordierite Association had acted dishonorably by hiring assassins to target him, he felt obligated to return the favor.

However, that wasn’t the right time for him to make a move because he planned to craft more pills for the people around him first.

Wilma nearly lost control of her temper after having her offer repeatedly rejected by Levi.

Still, she managed to contain her vexation.

After all, Levi was too formidable, and she didn’t have the confidence to defeat him alone. Any unwise decision might cost her to lose everything.

Out of caution, she reported the news to the Prime Association headquarters.

The chairman of the Prime Association immediately gave the order to send a hundred Peak class fighters to seize Levi by all means.

However, before the Prime Association fighters arrived in Willowbank, Levi had found Sylvan first.

“Mr. Webber, I’m going to Willowbank to obliterate the Cordierite Association,” Levi said nonchalantly.

Sylvan wanted to persuade Levi, but the latter didn’t give him a chance and swiftly left the Prime Association branch in Lightspring.

Levi hurried over to Astre Lune Sect with Cheriette, Larissa, and the Thunder Qilin on a dragon-shaped cloudship.

“While I’m gone, you all should find a secret place to hide and wait until I wipe out the Cordierite Association before coming out of hiding,” Levi said.

The Astre Lune Sect fighters were stunned and tongue-tied after hearing that. Nevertheless, they were well aware of Levi’s temperament.

He would never change his mind after making a decision. Therefore, no one dared to say a word and merely abided by his orders.

Levi no longer had anything to worry about after settling matters related to Astre Lune Sect.

However, aside from taking revenge on the Cordierite Association, Levi also had to locate the Taboo Clan’s whereabouts.

With that uncertainty in his journey to come, if he stumbled into any tricky situation that kept him occupied for a long time, he wouldn’t be able to spare his attention to address the issues happening in the mundane world.

After thorough consideration, Levi decided to return to the mundane world and deal with the people at the base to ensure there weren’t any loose ends.

Subsequently, Levi, the two girls, and the Thunder Qilin headed to the mundane world in the cloudship.

Forlevia had become exceptionally powerful now.

Everyone else had also improved drastically after cultivating Forlevia’s or Levi’s techniques.

However, the Holy Guardians and the twelve Holy Temples had the advantage in numbers, and the twelve Orunthians’ reincarnations had completely awakened after acquiring sufficient strength from the dragon ley lines.

In an attempt to take revenge on Levi for snatching their dragon ley lines previously, they decided to gather together and launch an attack on the base, vowing to lay waste on the entire base.


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