The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4028

Chapter 4028 Uprooted

Everyone present was dumbfounded upon seeing that, especially when they saw that smug look on the Thunder Qilin. If the Thunder Qilin were a human, it would definitely be a showboat.

Levi wasn’t surprised at all, as he knew that was the Thunder Qilin’s typical behavior. It would make use of every chance to show off.

“All right. Be careful, then. Don’t underestimate your opponents. They are difficult to deal with,” reminded Levi. The Thunder Qilin’s eyes were filled with disdain as it glanced at the twelve Orunthians’ reincarnations.

Even though the twelve Orunthians’ reincarnations were mature and resilient in personality, they couldn’t help but feel vexed when they sensed the look of disdain on the strange-looking pet.

“Orunthians, allow me to kill this monster,” Rukas volunteered. The Orunthians agreed to it. After all, with their status, they shouldn’t be dealing with a beast.

The Thunder Qilin howled in annoyance, clearly upset that Rukas had called it a monster.

All of a sudden, it released lightning energy, and a bolt of terrifying lightning shot out and blasted at Rukas.

Rukas thought that the Thunder Qilin was something he didn’t need to take seriously, but by the time he realized he was wrong, it was too late.

Boom! The lightning bolt struck Rukas’ energy shield, shattering it into pieces with a loud boom. Rukas was burned to a crisp and lost his life instantly, as he couldn’t dodge in time. “What is this monster? Why is it so strong?”

“Rukas couldn’t even resist a single blow from that beast.” “Orunthians, please kill that monster.” The Holy Guardians gasped in shock. It was the first time they had felt so threatened.

Levi had never once shown his power, but judging from his pet’s formidable combat power, one could know how strong he was.

“Kill him!”

One of the Orunthians’ reincarnations made a sudden move, but the Thunder Qilin was totally undaunted as it charged forward and attacked the Orunthian.

Even though the Orunthian was not killed in an instant, the fact that the reincarnation was subdued by the Thunder Qilin shocked everyone at the scene.

With no other choice, another Orunthian took part in the battle. It wasn’t until three Orunthians joined the battle that they came to a draw with the Thunder Qilin.

“All right. Stop wasting time with them. Let’s attack together and leave no one alive.”

Levi took the lead and dashed ahead at a great speed, not giving a chance for the Orunthians to react.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He swung his fists, killing the twelve Orunthians one by one.

Everyone was dumbstruck. They didn’t expect Levi’s combat power to rise so much in just a few months.

Nevertheless, it was great news for them. They had been overwhelmed because of the Holy Guardians and the Orunthians’ reincarnations all this time.

With Levi and Cheriette joining the battle, the entire situation turned into a one-sided massacre.

Levi’s immense strength simply left no chance for the Holy Guardians and the Orunthians’ reincarnations to escape.

In just a few hours, tens of thousands of the Holy Temples fighters and the twelve Orunthians’ reincarnations were slaughtered by Levi.

In order to completely eradicate the scourge, Levi led his people to the stronghold of the Holy Guardians.

The twelve Holy Temples were uprooted, and all the remaining forces of Zarain and Yartran were wiped out.

Since then, Levi and the members at the base dominated the mundane world, and there was no one who could threaten them.

Levi made necessary arrangements for the affairs of the mundane world and left the refined ultimate weapons, pills, and magical herbs to the others.

Most of the treasures were handed to Daxon and Edmund so that they could take up the important task of protecting Erudia.


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