The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4029

Chapter 4029 Death Sea

Levi settled everything in the mundane world, then rushed to Kenfort along with Zoey, Forlevia, and the rest. This time, he knew his way around. Besides, Cheriette was there to help with navigation.

Zoey and the rest were in awe when they saw the magnificent view once they entered Kenfort. They felt as though they had entered a fairytale.

After arriving in Kenfort, Levi brought everyone to Dragon’s Grave Valley to strengthen themselves. With the mightiness of the Heavenly Thunder there, everyone could improve their cultivation levels very quickly.

Furthermore, Levi had reserved an excessive amount of magical herbs on the cloudship for the rest. At the same time, the Cordierite Association received news that their first batch of assassins had fallen, and Levi’s location was unknown.

Albert and the rest suspected that Levi had been secretly picked up by the Prime Association and sent to the headquarters for protection.

However, Albert didn’t know Wilma was also busy looking for Levi. Levi was a priceless treasure for the Prime Association, and they couldn’t afford to let him join other sects.

That was why Wilma was doing everything in her power to locate Levi. Meanwhile, Forlevia and the others took the entire week to strengthen themselves.

After that, Levi led everyone forward in the cloudship. As they were moving forward, he equipped the others with Boots of Hermes, premium ultimate weapons, pills, and other equipment.

When they were on their way to Willowbank, Forlevia and the others took the opportunity to cultivate.

Since that was the first time they visited Kenfort, they wanted to make full use of the pure spiritual energy in the area.

That was also the reason Levi deliberately slowed down the cloudship. What amused him was the fact that Forlevia and the Thunder Qilin had become best friends. I wonder what’s going on! Before this, Thunder has always been arrogant and pretentious. However, it’s so humble with Evie. Back then, it didn’t have any respect for me, but it’s still here with me after the torment I’ve given to it.

Half a month later, Levi and the rest finally arrived at the vast Sea of Stars.

“This is such a vast sea!”

“I think it’s comparable to the four oceans in the mundane world! Who would’ve expected Kenfort to have such a vast sea?”

“Besides, this is only the sea in Willowbank. I bet there are still other places like this. This is incredible!”

Zoey and the rest exclaimed. Levi, however, was as cool as a cucumber.

“Master, it seems that the Sea of Stars Guild has suffered heavy damage. Otherwise, we would’ve been discovered as soon as we approached,” Larissa uttered.

“Not necessarily. We ditched the cloudship earlier on, and our auras were well-hidden. It’s only normal that they didn’t spot us.” Levi flashed a smile.

“By the way, Master, I heard that there are a few star ley lines in the Sea of Stars. That’s how the Sea of Stars Guild became such a huge sect. However, the Sea of Stars is too vast. The Sea of Stars Guild could only find two star ley lines. If we can search extensively, we’ll surely find more star ley lines,” Larissa said in a deep voice.

All of the sudden, Levi’s interest was piqued. Star ley lines are stronger than dragon ley lines. If I can get it, it can really help with my cultivation.

“Do you roughly know the location?” Levi asked.

Larissa tried to remember and, after a while, said, “According to the ancient manual, there’s an area called the Death Sea, and it’s located in the southwestern region of the Sea of Stars. There are storms all year round, and plenty of passing ships and even cloudships were caught in them. No one has ever gone through the storm and come back alive. I think that area is very suspicious.”

“The mundane world has an area with a similar phenomenon…” Zoey mumbled.

“In that case, we shall visit the Death Sea. If it has such powerful storms, there must be a huge wave of energy,” Levi said.


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