The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4030

Chapter 4030 Set Up A Base

Levi led everyone toward the hidden cloudship and headed toward the Death Sea. Their efforts eventually paid off because they soon saw a huge storm ahead in the vast sea. “Daddy, I can sense a strong spiritual ley line, and it’s located under the storm,” Forlevia piped up.

Levi was thrilled. Although he knew Forlevia had long since displayed the talent of spotting spiritual ley lines, he didn’t expect that ability of hers to grow stronger as she became more capable. The spiritual ley line is hidden under such a powerful storm, but she can still sense it!

“Master, this storm is so violent that there’s no way we can get close to it!” Larissa said worriedly. Levi merely smiled in response before leaping into the air and rushing toward the storm. “I don’t care how strong the storm is. I can make it disappear with just a punch!”

As he spoke, Levi quickly channeled his basic techniques and threw a punch at the eye of the storm. A frightening and destructive wave of energy crashed into the storm.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A loud rumbling noise tore through the area, and the area started shaking violently. Levi’s punch had really wiped the storm away.

Seeing that the sea was once again calm, Levi smiled and told Larissa telepathically to drive the cloudship forward.

As expected, they found a huge spiritual ley line in the area and proceeded to metamorphose with the help of the star ley line. With that, everyone’s strength increased exponentially.

In shock, Forlevia asked, “Daddy, when did you learn to make pills? The effect of this pill is really good. It can get rid of the problem of physical endurance.”

Back then, no one but Forlevia in the mundane world could withstand the metamorphosis of the dragon ley lines. No one else dared to try it.

But after they took the pills Levi gave them, they were no longer restricted. Levi gave them a brief explanation and told them about the process of his forging technique for ultimate weapons.

Upon hearing that, everyone was stupefied. They didn’t know Levi had encountered so many things within a few months’ time.

“Next, we shall destroy the Sea of Stars Guild. We must take those two star ley lines as well,” Levi uttered in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded in agreement. At that moment, Levi was their pillar of support.

According to the information given by Larissa, the Sea of Stars Guild was at the bottom of the Sea of Stars. The group made their way over.

The Sea of Stars Guild had besieged Levi before and lost a lot of their fighters. In addition, Levi was so powerful that the Sea of Stars Guild was incapable of counterattacking.

After killing all the fighters from the Sea of Stars Guild, Levi and the rest absorbed all the power from those two star ley lines.

Upon getting rid of the Sea of Stars Guild, Levi and the others carried on and made their way to Willowbank.

Many forces in Willowbank were caught off guard and were wiped out by Levi and the others.

Although Albert had brought a lot of fighters to fight back, they were all reduced to lambs waiting to be slaughtered in the face of the huge power gap.

Levi then wiped out the Cordierite Association, the Tenebrous Sky Division, the Divine Blade Sect, and all the other huge sects.

Needless to say, the resources previously kept by those big sects now belonged to Levi, who soon took control of Willowbank.

After that, Levi used all sorts of ultimate weapons and pills to recruit rogue cultivators and formed a sect of his own.

When the members of Astre Lune Sect heard the news, they quickly moved to Willowbank and set up a base there.

Levi took almost half a month to deal with these trivial matters.

The news that the control of Willowbank had fallen into a different person’s hands shocked the sects in the surrounding area.

At the same time, the bandits also felt threatened. In fact, a lot of them took the initiative to get acquainted with Levi so that they could protect their own sects.

Levi welcomed those who showed up to express goodwill. Now, I need to boost my reputation so that the other sects will think twice before attacking me. Only then can I proceed to settle my personal matter without any concerns.


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