The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4032

Chapter 4032 Go To Hell

Before Gloria could say anything in response, Roy fumed, “I don’t care what the history between the two of you is. If you want to create a scene here, you have to seek permission from my sword.”

Floyd frowned slightly. I don’t think I’m strong enough to fight the leader of Void Sect. “Your sword has no problem with it.” Suddenly, another voice rang out.

Seconds later, an enormous cloudship slowly descended from the sky. Seeing that, everyone at the scene couldn’t help but gasp. “Who are you?” Roy asked.

For some reason, Roy felt slightly intimated. Although he hasn’t made a move, I could feel his terrifying energy. Floyd’s voice trembled when he called out, “Master!”

Gloria’s pupils constricted when she heard that. She was so startled that she blurted out, “Levi? You’re Levi. The robber is Levi?”

After putting the pieces together, she finally understood why the robber hadn’t murdered her. I wasn’t lucky. It was because Levi wanted to let Floyd deal with me himself!

Roy was also taken aback. In a cold tone, he said, “So you’re the robber who destroyed my sect. Lady Luck is on my side. Since you’ve come on your own, I shall kill you with my sword!”


Roy unsheathed the Retribution Sword and shot Levi a menacing stare. Without saying a word, he aimed his sword at Levi’s head.

“You call that an ultimate weapon? That’s a piece of garbage!” Levi waved his arm, and Dragon’s Grave appeared in his grip. The sword energy from both ultimate weapons collided first before hitting each other physically.


The Retribution Sword broke into two.

“H-How is this possible?” Roy couldn’t believe his eyes. Did the Weapon Master’s creation just break into two pieces? Does that mean the weapon that fellow is using is an even higher grade of ultimate weapon?

“Listen to me, the people of Void Sect! I’m going to slaughter anyone who dares to interfere with the life-and-death duel between them!” Levi roared.

The members of Void Sect fell silent, and none of them dared to take a step forward.

They were all even more afraid of Levi after they saw the ultimate weapon Roy bragged about breaking in two.

When Roy saw Levi looking in the other direction, he took the opportunity to flee from Void Sect. Within a split second, he was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of chasing after him, Levi was focused on the battle between Floyd and Gloria.

The members of Void Sect were utterly devastated. They had thought a strong backer had returned to their side. However, that backer of theirs had fled after making just one move on Levi.

“Use your strength to end the grudges between the both of you!” Levi said to Floyd.

Floyd nodded and dashed toward Gloria.

“Do you think you can kill me? Who do you think you are?” Gloria was ready to go all in. Since Levi is the robber all along, I doubt I can get out of this that easily today. However, I’ll have a better chance if I can get rid of Floyd first.

Unfortunately for her, she soon realized how wrong she was after exchanging a few punches with Floyd. Floyd is not weaker than me. In fact, he might even be stronger than me!

“How did you do it?” Gloria asked in bafflement.

Floyd wasn’t in the mood to waste time. He kept attacking her, and it didn’t take long for him to have a total advantage over her in the fight.

Like Gloria, Levi was equally stunned. He didn’t expect Floyd to get so strong. Besides, the techniques Floyd used weren’t entirely the result of extreme devouring techniques.

What Levi wasn’t aware of was that Floyd had stumbled upon a deviant clan’s secret technique. Floyd could strengthen himself by burning his own vitality.

“Go to hell, Gloria!”

Half an hour of intense battling later, Floyd finally found an opportunity to throw a heavy punch on Gloria’s back.

Gloria’s face was drained of all color, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to dodge Floyd’s punch.

“I’m going to die!” Gloria’s heart sank.


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